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Submission + - The "Screw Dick Shelby And The Lobbyists He Rode In" On Project (

An anonymous reader writes: Rand Simberg talks about the current NASA crew transport to ISS mess. Congress just cut the private commercial space funding being provided to NASA in order to provide a native US astronaut transportation capability independent of the Russian Soyuz. The US commercial flights would cost less per seat than the current Russian Soyuz flights. All of this is happening at a time where the US is imposing sanctions on Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis. (Rand is doing a Kickstarter about alternative ways to fund space development).

Submission + - Microsoft Pushes Skype with Windows Update

jaa101 writes: "Came in this morning to find many of our corporate boxes sporting shiny new Skype installations. Looks like they've been pushed by Microsoft. We have a WSUS server so the administrators of that may have overlooked something. There's discussion at with Microsoft claims that they only pushed if there was a Skype installation there already ... and refutations. Maybe our SoE had something in it that fooled the updater but the affected machines had nothing like a working Skype.
Was Microsoft running short of Skype supernodes? I guess it's likely to slow down Windows machines with unwanted services and use plenty of unwanted traffic for both home and corporate users. And these will be people who haven't agreed to the Skype ToS! We're using XP but probably Vista and 7 are affected too. Please Microsoft, release a new update to remove these unwanted installations."

Submission + - US Navy's high-resolution radar can see individual raindrops in a storm (

coondoggie writes: "The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) researchers said recently that a Navy very high-resolution Doppler radar can actually spot individual raindrops in a cloudburst, possibly paving the way for new weather monitoring applications that could better track or monitor weather and severe storms"

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