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Comment Re: "Amazon be ashamed pay their workers so little (Score 0) 170

I mean anyone who eats fast food on a regular basis should be ashamed. Our economy in the US is currently based on paying unskilled workers almost nothing, and scheduling them so they cannot work elsewhere. Retail is likely worse then Amazon because you only get to work 25 random hours every week.

The solution if anyone actually cared is $15 an hour minimum wage and paying a quarter more for your hamburger or $20 more in Amazon prime.

I suppose we should drive down to the Walmart and waste gas and all the bills to run the big box store and buy from those oppressed workers. We really should just buy from the farmers market and arts and crafts festival.

Comment Re:ok Komrade (Score 1) 55

"staunch Republicans"= RINOs, i.e., Republicans who talk like Conservatives and vote like Democrats, so they are Democrats in Republican clothing.
And she did NOT win by "record margin". Not even close. Check the margins of victory in the two previous presidential elections.
And, there is NO evidence of Russian hacking interfering with the election, but we have plenty of proof of Democrat operatives paid by the DNC doing just that by their own words.
You've got to stop spending so much time being indoctrinated by Media Matters/ProgressNow, who funding the BLM riots.
After all, it was Hillary who said that not accepting the results of the election was "Horrifying, un-democratic and un-American". Remember?

Comment Re:Good luck, Europe (and China) (Score 1) 340

"Because not one near-worthless American dime will be spent on alternative energy research in now Big Oil America. I also fully expect any and all solar / wind subsidies to be eliminated (hell, they'll probably be levied a Big Oil Butt-Hurt tax to compensate for the Oil Patch's hard times)."
Taking Hillary's loss rather hard, aren't you?

Have you bothered to check out how many GW of solar power generating stations have been and are being built? Check out Wikipedia, it has a nice article about the topic:
Notice that the graphs projecting future trends for Solar power in the US have a hockey stick shape. You know what that means ... it's gone exponential, and the data behind those graphs have not been tampered with, fudged or cherry-picked. Also, note that the countries with the dirtiest air are those controlled by tyrants a/o Marxists. Why should Americans have to pay a Carbon Tax so China can continue to massively pollute the skies of our Planet with impunity?

Comment Pie in the sky promises ... (Score 1) 340

Ive been seeing propaganda like this for both fission and fusion reactors for the last 60 years, and I'm 75. It started with "Nuclear energy will be so cheap it won't be metered". No mention of the radioactive waste storage problem, which was passed along to future generations and now is a HUGE problem. Then came the fusion reactor promises: "Within 25 years .... ". They were trotted out every five years, along about funding time. This one is no different, except its lies are about its promise to be free of nuclear waste. High temperature plasma can produce high energy Neutrons which make metal brittle, leading to failures. They also strike other atoms, knocking out other Neutrons and Protons, creating radioactive elements. Some of the high energy Neutrons are slowed down, becoming Thermal Neutrons, which allow them to be captured by some atoms, making the atoms radioactive. Of course, the projected per KW costs for consumer electricity never include the processing and storage of radioactive waste products. IF they were honest about that consumers would not opt for nuclear power because it would be too expensive.

Comment Re:We need progressive nuclear programs. (Score 2, Insightful) 109

Give me free electricity and compensation for every screw up and I'd gladly live next to a reactor.

Second that. I've been a long time green party voter, and as much as I like seeing solar panels on an ever increasing # of homes, reality is that solar + wind can't cover 100% of our energy needs right now. Period. Not unless / until the storage problem is solved. The sun doesn't shine at night, the wind doesn't always blow (and sometimes too hard!), and no amount of solar panels will fix that. Hydro could be used as backup, but has its own drawbacks & only possible in a few places. Geothermal etc is interesting, but again: far from practical everywhere.

So for filling in the gaps we NEED something else, no way around it. Between 'cheap' coal, oil, natural gas, or covering land masses with biofuel crops, a modern design nuclear plant isn't a bad option. Yes environmentalists may have speeded up investment in solar projects etc (and I applaud anyone for that no matter the reasons), but in resisting (modern) nuclear they've kinda lost sight that thus we're currently on an energy mix where fossil is still king. That could have been very different if modern nuclear plants were common today.

And no, nuclear waste isn't the be-all-end-all-problem it's made out to be. Right now it's choosing between evils, and btw nuclear waste: it's all about what exact substances, how much, stored how & where. The waste from eg. a fast breeder reactor is very different stuff than what comes out of another type of nuclear plant. Stuffing it in rockets & shooting it at the sun, has different risks & costs than burying inside a mountain. Material with 300 year half-life needs a different approach than material with a 30,000 year half-life. And so on.

Comment Re:Hacking review !== Election results review (Score 1) 496

Really? Trump was claiming election rigging for months, and Bernie's failure proved it in the Dem nomination race, because of Clinton's "super delegates". Clinton and her sock puppets in the media and entertainment were so sure that she would win they denied any meaningful rigging existed. Hillary said that refusing to accept the election results was "horrifying", and "un-democratic and un-American". Refusing to accepts the results now is not those things, especially since she only collected 232 electoral college votes? She'd need to steal 68 votes from Trump to reverse the election, an impossibility.

It was only AFTER they lost that they started making claims about hacking and the ridiculous claim of Russian interference, and about "fake news sites". Before he won they were laughing at him and mocking him:

The Democrats revealed a 2005 audio tape about Trump and pussy grabbing. Here is a 2006 audio of Hillary proposing election rigging:
And this is to say nothing of her claims to have landed in Bosnia "under fire", or that the Benghazi debacle was caused by a YouTube video, that she was related to Sir Edmond Hillary ... the absurd lies go on and on. and that doesn't cover the lies she told this year!
The fake news sites are the ones that repeated Hillary's lies without bothering to verify her statements before publishing them.

Jill Stein, candidate that drew less than 1% of the popular vote, has no standing to demand a recount in any state.
Then she raises $6M to fight the results? According to Hillary she's horrifying, un-democratic and un-American for refusing to accept the results of the election. Clinton won Nevada by less than 27K votes, Colorado by less than 75K votes, Minnesota, by less than 44K votes and in New Hampshire Hillary Clinton won by less than 3,000 votes. If she is interested in merely "verifying" the results why doesn't she want a recount in those states as well?

The facts are that Clinton would need 68 electoral votes to switch the results of election night. That big a shift has never happened and would never happen, not even this time. The Left's real purpose is to either corrupt the Electoral College with intimidation and death threats, or throw the election into the House by making it impossible for the Electoral College to function on December 19th, and you know it.. They still wouldn't win because the House is now controlled by the Republicans, but then the "Progressives" will claim that Trump stole the election and create chaos in the country, even worse than their Media Matters puppets have orchestrated with the SJWs and BLM since the election.

Comment He could save himself a lot of time by ... (Score 0) 496

Watching Veritas' videos exposing campaign disruptions and voter corruption in the Democrat Party and the shenanigans the Republicans pulled trying to defeat Trump as well.
No matter how much editing Snopes claims O'Keefe has done, the entirety of all videos are available for examination AND there is no denying that the Democrat operatives said what they said and no reason to disbelieve that they did what they said they did.

Comment Who? What? Why? (Score 0) 101

What do the founders of Black Lives Matter: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi have in common?
They are members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, avowed Marxists.
That's why Twitter cut the API access. They don't want law enforcement to track the activities of subversives trying to destroy our Republic, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution on which it is based.

Comment DHS Weaponized? (Score 3, Interesting) 137

The last two administrations have weaponized a lot of Federal agencies against the American people, violating the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and other Amendments of the Bill of Rights, and their oath of office to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States".

Were they trying to break into the election computers and change the counts?

Comment Hololens also uses fake demos (Score 1) 110

Magic Leap's mixed reality technology has long since been overtaken by other products already on the market such as Microsoft's HoloLens

HoloLens has almost exclusively used fake demos from the very beginning. People who have actually used HoloLens report poor field of view and semi-transparent graphics, yet the demos all show perfect wide-angle non-transparent graphics that have clearly just been composited over the video signal. Magic leap tried a similar trick for their first demo (with the steam punk ray guns) but all the subsequent videos did appear to be shot directly through their device. Of course, we never actually saw the device, so it could have just been their unwieldy and unwearable prototype. The only new information here seems to be that Magic Leap are struggling with miniaturising their scanned fibre display, but that is quite a serious issue.

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