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Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 184

It's just the way this universe is. The whole thing. At every level we can observe the pieces of the universe interact relentlessly with the space and other pieces of the universe. That is life. That we call the stuff on earth life and what is on mars not-life is merely due to the myopic lens of human vision.

It brings to mind the immortal words of a quantum physicist I once met. I referred to the double slit experiment and asked his opinion as to why the single photon makes a diffraction pattern when it has nothing else (observable) to interact with. He replied with a depth of certitude and fundamental conviction that preachers and popes wish they could posses, and said simply "oh, it just does that." No dwelling on the mysteriousness of quantum phenomena, no postulating his preferred reasoning for the effect. Nope, "It just does that" is sufficient in and of itself, just like that single photon passing through two places at once and interfering with itself.

That's how the universe is with life. It just does that.

Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 184

You look at humans and see consciousness. I look at humans and see life. I see no difference between the two. Life is consciousness, and vice versa.

You experience consciousness as the ability to think, to say to yourself, "this is why I am doing this." Sadly, the FMRI machine, transcranial magnets, and some modern science experiments have shown that consciousness is just a side effect, a plausible explanation of our actions fed to the conscious mind by the real workhorse of human action and thought, the non-verbal parts of the brain. For instance, say you decide to move your arm. TOO LATE! Your brain started sending the signal before you consciously thought if it, before you decided, before you thought. Then thought is merely the reflected afterimage of non-conscious/non-verbal modules of the brain, the part of the brain that thinks it is the motivator, the initiator of action when in reality it is merely the translator of actions and thoughts into verbally accessible structures and experiential sensory phenomena. It is almost as if consciousness is just the "seminal memory," an altered version of events that gives the verbal part of the brain an understanding of what has just happened in terms it can relate to, but which actually deviate quite strikingly from actual reality.

Seeing thought and consciousness as the illusion they are, realizing that the actual human experience of life is inaccessible to the verbal mind, and therefore not able to be experienced truthfully, and that every verbalization of experience is fundamentally flawed with the untruths inherent in our experience of reality as "thinking beings" with "consciousness" becomes a little disorienting. Better to take the observation of "life" and "consciousness" outside the organism which we have proven has issues (massive ones!) with internal consistency, objectivity of experience, and even cause and effect.

From outside we see a complex system, reacting to the environment based on a system of internal rules. We call it life. It has movement, structure, and seeming purpose. An issue arises though. This is is in many ways functionally indistinguishable from the levels of complexity we see expressed from sub atomic particles, to atoms, to molecules, to cells, and to other organisms. This thing we call life is made up of the things we call not-alive, and yet, when observed very closely, these not-alive things seem to behave much like life does. The molecules have movement, structure, and seeming purpose. When introduced to other molecules they seem to take action, operating in these actions according to a set of internal rules. Even their constituent parts are the same, having movement, structure, and seeming purpose. They operate according to a set of internal rules and seem to take actions when introduced into an environment with other similar scale parts.

This is a fundamental truth of our universe. There is a fractal arrangement of interactivity, structure, and purpose from the incredibly micro sized up to the macro size. Everywhere we can observe, and at every scale. Some would say this complexity has reach it's pinnacle in the human form. That our intelligence and consciousness is the top of the scale.

I call that arrogance. Hubris if you will. We would be as aware of the levels of organization, structure, and seeming purpose above us as enzymes are aware of cells, as heart cells are of the horse they inhabit.

Our first gods were the sun, earth, moon. If they are the next scale up, who is to say they don't speak the cosmic language of large bodies, expressed in magnetism and gravity, emission spectra and absorption, or forces we cannot yet detect in the dark spectrum? What would they converse about?

Yeah that last part is pretty woo, but would we even know the difference if it were true?

Comment Re:making thinner and more apple only service take (Score 0) 86

Yeah, a long time ago in a galaxy far away when their hardware was actually different and performed graphic design rendering functions better and more efficiently than competing hardware. It is now the same, both chip and screen, making Apple just a style and price point difference.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 400

"Salvage as much of the biosphere as possible"

Why? Nothing ever did this before. There have been innumerable extinction events drastically worse for the biosphere than any of the most dire predictions of global warming. The Earth will be fine in a couple of million years, one way or another.

Consider: if it weren't for repeated global disasters that wiped out most of the species on the planet humans would not exist.

Comment Re:Uber? (Score 1) 640

If you hang out with physicists, cosmologists, or astrophysicists and/or read what they write you can easily pick up this terminology. Also, and more likely, if you read lots of hard science fiction novels (not that god dammed space opera shit!) you will pick up this reference.

I have never encountered any other usage of "order of magnitude" besides a power of 10 (an order of magnitude larger/smaller; you're off by 2 orders of mag) or a label of a power of 10 (23rd order of magnitude = 10x23.) Maybe that is because I am a total science nerd. I am curious where it would be used differently. Thank you for the reference to other usage not as referenced above. I now need to look this up to find out where I could be misinterpreted if I use this term.

Comment Re:What's so unpleasant about this imagery? (Score 1) 146

A truer measure of freedom of speech and democracy would be harder to find than the ability to criticize publicly the policies and actions of a government. I may not agree with your point of view but I will defend your right to voice it.

I was responding to Mir's sig file specifically but your comments are spot on.

Comment Re:Just not lie scheme and cheat ? (Score 1) 325

No I was actually thinking it was decent solution to the problem of having everything you ever said even in jest held against you. I personally think that you have a right to an opinion, and the right to express it unless you are speaking for your employer or as a representative of someone else, say like a politician, then you should be held accountable. I am a firm believer in the right to privacy and the right to anonymous publication.
I have been accused of being not PC before but really don't give a rats ass what most people think of me beyond my immediate family and loved ones. You've a right to express your opinion, even if it just reinforces the idea that you are a moron.

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