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Comment Re:Okay. (Score 1) 311

For me it has little to do with privacy and a lot to do with engineered stimulus response loops and habit manipulation.

Articles like the one I will link at the end of this post will give you a small idea about how people are trying to create incisive stimulus/response situations which result in cascades of behavior changes.

I would rather not participate in this kind of manipulation. It is one reason why I quit Facebook. It will also similarly reduce my internet usage at home. The last thing I want is to provide these Pavlovian marketeers with the data they need to sell us back our own asses. No thank you.

Comment Re:Why the unnecessary units change? (Score 1) 72

Because anyone who is proficient with the metric system will not have any problem with this conversion and not even notice it. This is the fun part about the metric system. Yards to feet is a clumsy factor of three. With metrics you just move the decimal a tad.

If this is becoming too difficulty for people I really do hope we go the way of the dinosaurs.

Comment Re:Amazing! (Score 1) 72

Perhaps even more amazing, consider the catastrophic bad luck that befell the planet's dominant life form, and allowed our kind a window in which to proliferate.

There have been 5 major extinction events we know of, and at least 20 minor ones we know of, in the last 600 million years or so.

That is decidedly not "catastrophic bad luck." More like clockwork.

Comment Re:Book recommendation: Song of the Dodo (Score 1) 78

Extinction is sad, but only like death is sad. Something that is one of a kind is now gone forever. A gentle reminder that nothing is permanent, hopefully preparing you for your own eventual demise. Life, in a collective sense of the word, is a process larger than individual cells, organisms, or even species. Extinction does not eliminate Life, it enables it to transform.

It is natural, predictable, inevitable. A necessity as well. Humans would not be here to observe and record extinct species if it were not for previous extinctions.

It has been happening since life began, it will continue when mankind is gone. You can view it as a loss, or you can take it as another step along the pathway of Life and celebrate it for what it is.

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 261

I love the way this looks on paper:

Patent infringement:
"You totally copied all of our best secrets for making awesome golf balls!"

False advertising:
"Your golf balls are shyte Costco!"

Which is it? Did they take your awesome patented ideas or are the golf balls nothing more than under-performing over-hyped sales gimmicks?

Or, maybe they both are...

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 536

Sorry AutodidactLabrat. I should have seen the signs early on and not pursued a conversation with you. Nor should I have been so inflammatory. I ask your forgiveness, for what it is worth.

I see that we do not have intersecting intellects. I cannot speak to your worldview, but I can discern that it is completely and irrevocably alien to me. There is no fruit in discussing details with you when basic suppositions of the conversation, and even reality, are not held in common. Where there is no commonality there can be no discussion.

Please allow me to say this in closing that I appreciate your verve and fire. I see your energy and intensity. It comes through even this narrow aperture, a keyboard conversation. Not an easy accomplishment. I would give my right arm for 10 men with your passion who were as dedicated to the American people as you are to your politics. Unfortunately men like that are in short supply. We certainly won't find them in our government (well maybe with maybe the exception of dear St. Bernie) and the insidious trap of partisanship conscripts, corrupts, and devours the rest of the candidates from the electorate. Probably just as well that so many remain regimented, expressing their prescribed 15 minutes of hate each and every day at their designated and accepted out-group, regurgitating their force-fed outrage only within the proper boundaries. What a small group of dedicated, free-minded men can accomplish is well documented and frankly shocking.

Comment Re:Reminds me of a conversation with a colleague (Score 1) 278

Specifically, there are some problems that have only one answer, and that answer is violence.

It is not a comfortable truth, but a truth nonetheless. The problem with this is two fold.

One: Never try to fix a problem that requires the application of violence with another method.

Two: Once you have determined correctly that violence is the answer, it must be applied quickly and without reservation.

This methodology is scalable, from the individual to the intergalactic.

Comment Re:Nice for a change (Score 1) 258

And kill citizens in exchange for tax revenue. Really, short yellow lights do kill people. Municipal governments know this and some of them still shorten the lights beyond the acceptable range as dictated by DOT engineering standards.

In my opinion we should be able to draw and quarter the people responsible for intentionally turning human misery and death into tax revenue.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 536

Sorry, I am otherwise occupied trying to herd US citizens into realizing what the real threats to us are. Here's a hint, it ain't the great Russian smokescreen.

It's people like you who are so convinced that partisan politics is an all or nothing, us or them situation that you are willing to create lies in your mind to support your position and get enraged about non-issues because you have tied your ego to the belief center of your brain and completely bypassed the logic circuits.

Case in point. My number one concern is for the health, well being, and viability of every American citizen. You call that concern traitorous for some inscrutable reason. You keep attributing partisan political motivations to me when I have never taken a stand for a political "side," only pointed out how someone was incredibly wrong about the availability of emails. That is not indicative of the actions of a logical person. Those are the thoughts of a compromised mind.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 536

Did you even read what I wrote, or are you again interjecting your own thoughts? I can play play that game too you know.

I said I am in opposition to our government on many things, and firmly in favor of the people of the US. You call that being a traitor, fine. Therefore, as a non-traitor yourself, you must support 100% of what our government is doing, eh? Well then, that would make you a Trump supporter, and a bigly one at that! Well, if supporting our government in everything they do and kowtowing to Trump is your thing, keep it up patriot! I will oppose you and you can call me a traitor all you want.

You like the idea of rampant corporatism, encroaching fascism, and deliberate misrepresentation of the electorate. I get it. You're too stupid to realize that our government, both "parties" as you call them, are nothing more than the new aristocracy, completely dedicated to their own causes which are vastly different than the interests of their constituents and even their supporters. I get that too. You want to support your "side," but you don't realize that your "side" doesn't support you and is acting against your interests as a citizen. I get that as well. But just because you are committed to the same subjugation and exploitation of the US people as our leaders doesn't mean that I won't try to talk you out of being a self destructive robot dedicated to taking all of us down with you. Again, call me a traitor all you want, I will wear your stupid label as a badge of pride.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 536

I see your reading comprehension level is way below the material presented. I was referring to your activities and how they were like what Trump does with his stupid tweets. I pointed out how what you said was silly and irrelevant to reality. Just like a lot of what Trump says. You then proceeded to dig your heels in, defending a demonstrably asinine position, just like Trump does. You do it again in the post I am replying to. You can't even address the points I made. You presented no evidence of your claim, nor any corroborating suppositions that point toward evidence. You said nothing to refute what I said other than what boils down to a rhetorical "nuh-uh."

Please forgive me if I don't take you as an authoritative source. You can't even quote me correctly and the words are right there in the post. We are all somehow stupider for having read what you wrote. You are awarded no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

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