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Comment Or the other reason.... (Score 3, Informative) 414

The fact the whole state is a river flood plain and only stupid people build homes in a river flood plain?

Global warming may have cause the weather pattern changes, but it does not change the fact that if you build in the low lands, you have to expect flooding because it will absolutely happen with a 100% guarantee.

Comment Re:Spoofing should work by whitelist (Score 1) 110

100% bs. they know where they are coming from.

When a VoIP call is made to a landline or cellphone number, the call travels for a portion of the time over the PSTN. The amount of time the call spends on the PSTN usually determines the price of the call (apart from the base charges for any VoIP to VoIP call).

At the point where it enters the PSTN, a process called address translation takes place. It means that the IP address is translated to the identifying phone number of the called party to complete the call. It is similar to the process used to convert email IDs and website links to IP addresses on the Internet. This is logged for billing purposes and then the CID information is passed on to the system.

Comment Really simple. (Score 1) 110

Stop accepting any calls routed from unknown phone companies. It will stop 99% of them that are simply a freaking PC that is making VOIP calls via a scumbag VOIP service provider that will let them send whatever CID information they want.

Call coming into AT&T from a unknown and untrusted call routing? Refuse it.

Comment Re: Moderators are the opposite of free speech (Score 1) 465

You're wrong. You're so wrong that your statement "everyone here are liberals" is akin to a Platonic ideal of wrongness.

I'm on my phone, so your UID is not visible, but if you've been here as long as I have you'll know that Slashdot's users represent a myriad schools of political thought. If anything, libertarianism is over-represented. Remember when Ron Paul ran for president?


Comment Re:It's not a radical experiment (Score 1) 187

"I need a VocTech level programmer to implement what I tell them. I don't need it the most efficient or the best data structure. I need a script or program to do X."

you need the old Visual Basic 6. Super fast from idea to working product.

Microsoft decided that they needed more CS nonsense in VB so that is why VB# is barely used anywhere. if you learn VB# you might as well learn C# and the learning curve on that is massively steeper than VB6 ever was.

A lot of us hated VB, but it absolutely had it's place. a non programmer could knock out a solution pretty darn fast with it.

Comment Re: How is this a breach of terms? (Score 1) 109

The problem is HR.

I recently landed a gig with a major pay hike by getting the managers of the actual team to want me on their team.

I apply and start the dance with HR.

"how much do you want?"

I want $XXX,XXX as it's compensating for the major cost of living increase and a increase for me as I am moving for you and changing jobs.

"We wont go that high"

well, that is my offer, if you cant meet it, have a nice day.

Two weeks later HR called me back saying they accepted my offer.

Ignore ANYTHING recruiters or HR people tell you. They dont know shit about what you should be paid. And always go around them to the actual people wanting to fill a position. they understand reality.

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