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Comment Soundproofing (Score 1) 474

I'm an audio engineer. Many audio engineers would see a 'cool' building like an unused church and think that would be a great place for a studio. Usually we 'find' these buildings because they are in busy places which we are going past on our day to day. Disused churches or utility buildings are actually terrible places to build a studio because of the amount of money that needs to be spent to keep noise out. As an audio engineer you want to spend your money on high quality audio equipment and making the working space comfortable (good seat, lighting, painting etc) - after all you will working here 10-12 hour days for 7 days a week. If you have to spend major dollars on sound proofing 'outside' noise then you are taking money away from the important stuff. The other problem will studios in 'busy' environments is the different types of noises. The deep bass rumble from a bus stopping and starting is very hard to eleminate, it's possible but expensive. The only way to stop it is using thick concrete. But....Here is an interesting idea - if you spend a lot of money keeping the outside noise 'out' - you also get the problem of 'inside' noise reflecting's a little bit hard to think through but if a loud guitar sound is made inside a well sound proofed studio the noise will be absorbed (yes) by the expensive soundproofing but will also be 'reflected' back into the studio! Cheaper than thick concrete (and eleminates the sound reflection problem) is the bass trap. The only problem with a bass trap is that is doesn't stop the noise from the drunken people who are waiting for the bus....right when your trying to capture an Emmy winning performance on mic. There isn't a perfect place to setup a studio - but right on a main street isn't a good place to start.

Comment Over at OLPC News (Score 1) 102

"We don't necessarily need to build it," Negroponte told Forbes. "We just need to threaten to build it."

CherryPal just announced it's Africa Netbook available for sale today through it's website for a retail price of just $99, something that OLPC had promised years earlier and failed to deliver upon. While it is certainly not developed to live up to the specifications of the XO, the Africa Netbook does boast:

7-inch display

400MHz processor

256MB memory

2GB flash storage

Linux or Windows CE

4 hour battery

Comment ICT Strategy aligns to the Business Strategy (Score 1) 149

ICT supports the Business to achieve its objectives. The first document you need to look at is the 5 year business plan for the University. The ICT strategy takes into account the Business Strategy for the 5-10 year outlook. Other keys documents are the Business Process diagrams for each key business area. You might like to document a Business Information Model that looks at how data/information flows WITHIN the University and EXTERNAL information flows. Hopefully the Business Strategy takes into account any key government or other Policy changes that are on the horizon,if not you need to gather these as well.

Comment Give it to the world... (Score 1) 539

You sound like a creative and interesting person, someone who has lots of good ideas and interesting perspectives on all sorts of aspects of life. I'm sure some of your ideas are money makers and some of your ideas are perspectives on life. But I wonder why you hold yourself back from expressing yourself to other people? Talking through thoughts with other people is one of the great joys in life. I actually read your question with sadness because I see you as an intense person, thinking deeply about lots of issues - but if you hold yourself back from expressing yourself you will always be the impotent loner. Is that what you what to be? Scared to stand up and put your idea out there in case some 'steals your thunder'? As an exercise I suggest you take your number 1 best money making idea and give it to the world - throw caution to the wind and go talk to the 'subject matter expert' and spill your guts....something wonderful will happen - I promise you! :)
Operating Systems

Submission + - OLPC Sugar on a Stick

cerebralpc writes: Sugar Labs offers ubiquitous access to Sugar in a USB flash memory drive (stick). The Sugar on a Stick project (still in Beta) gives children access to their Sugar on any computer in their environment with just a USB memory stick. Taking advantage of the Fedora LiveUSB, it's possible to store everything you need to run Sugar on a single USB memory stick (minimum size 1GB). This small USB device can boot into the Sugar learning platform on different computers at home, at school, or at an after school program, bypassing the software on the those computers. In fact, Sugar on a Stick will work even if the computer does not have a hard-drive. With Sugar on a Stick, the learning experience is the same on any computer: at school, at home, at the library, or an after-school center.

Comment Just call (Score 1) 1123

I work as a Program Manager and the HR dept reports to me. I've worked on multiple large projects and recruited whole project teams for multi-million dollar projects. Just telling you this because I actaully know what I'm talking about.

If you want to get a job without a degree - thats cool - no problem.

Here is a great tip - when you put your application in...actually ring the agency up and introduce yourself and have an open and honest chat about the position you applied for. Very few people actually do this.

Once you have a job - work hard and take an interest in the company and by respectful of other people. Be aware of your experience and take full responsibility of tasks assigned to you. Follow up with people and ask for feedback on your performance. After quite a few years of working like this you will find yourself moving up the ladder.

Good luck!

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