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Comment Re:The editors should have fixed the summary. (Score 1) 283

I merely was presuming that the readers' IQs were sufficiently high that explicitly stating the obvious would be an insult to their intelligence.

I call bullshit. It is a definite example of a tu quoque fallacy, and that is almost always used to downplay whatever the fallacy user is comparing against; which is what you were doing. Your backpedalling makes you sound like not just a bigot, but a coward as well.

Comment Re:Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 282

The problem is that decommissioning nuclear power plants is coming in at 10 times more expensive than estimated 30 years ago. And since private companies can't afford those costs, you end up paying them in higher rates or higher taxes.

We also need at least one breeder reactor which would reduce nuclear waste to 1% the volume AND also simultaneously reduces the lifespan of the radioactive waste significantly

" removing the transuranics from the waste eliminates much of the long-term radioactivity of spent nuclear fuel.["

Such a reactor would need very high security (perhaps to the extent of being run by the government and on a large military base because plutonium is one output. You can make nuclear weapons from that. BUT, you could also shuttle it off the planet to fuel long range space exploration as fast as we make it to reduce that risk.

On your other point...

Solar is now cheaper than wind.

Solar is closing in on price parity with the likes of coal â" with full-cycle, unsubsidized costs of about 13 cents per kilowatthour, versus 12 cents for advanced coal plants.

But there will be cases where we need Coal (with proper scrubbing which didn't start for many plants until 2015 and which may be backed out now) until we get very good batteries. And lots of them. If every consumer has a "power wall" of some kind with 8 hours of electrical storage, and when power companies have lots of molten salt (or whatever) to store power for night time and cloudy days, then we'll need no coal. But until then, we'll need some coal.

But less.

And the price for coal (and oil) is set by the most expensive coal to mine (or oil to pump).
Say you can mine 90% of coal for 36 dollars a ton and the last 10% for 46 dollars a ton. Then the price of coal will be $46 dollars a ton. So if you can just eliminate 10% of demand for coal, then the price of coal (and your electric cost ber kwh) will drop about 22%.

Comment Re:Distracted (Score 1) 183

This is what you are replying to...

Yea, I was skeptical when it was put that way too.

After the accident the truck driver went over to the car and the movie was still playing. So he (the truck driver) didn't know at the instant of the accident- he (the truck driver) found out after the accident.

To which you said:
Your point being? Do you really suggest it is even possible that the guy, as his last act in this world, started playing Harry Potter _after_ the accident?

That is beyond stupid.


Now... from my original statement, how the heck do you get that I said the tesla driver started the movie playing after the he was killed instantly accident. I didn't even come close to your statement so I have no idea how you interpreted that way unless you misread it.


My point being that the TRUCK driver said, "the tesla driver was watching harry potter" and our first thought is, "How can the truck driver know that!?! That's impossible!" and then we hear "after the accident the TRUCK driver went over to the tesla and the movie was still playing on a dvd player" and we understand that the most likely reason is that the TESLA driver was watching the movie or else the TESLA driver would have braked.

There are other (rare) possibilities...
The DVD player flew around the car and somehow hit it's own "play" button at random.
The TESLA driver's hand flopped around and hit the "play" button randomly starting the movie. meanwhile prior to the accident ...
* the tesla driver fell asleep
* the tesla driver had dropped something and was distracted picking it up.
* the tesla driver had died or became unconscious (but not asleep).

But - and I am only saying this because I care - there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing.

Comment One problem... (Score 1) 139

I get all your comments that it violated copyright. And I agree that he was selling model kits and taking a salary.
It was a bad scene.

The problem is that Axenar was one of the best star trek treatments I've seen since Wrath of Khan.
It felt RIGHT.
It sent shivers up and down my spine.

In a different world, CBS and Paramount would have have had Peters and the original crew make it as a real film as their employees in a regular setting.

And that would have also probably ruined it. Too big a budget ruins so many films.

And the premise may not have stood up to a full 90 to 110 minute film.

I could even see a partnership between kickstarters willing to invest money so it got made and recieve blue/ray copies on release into theatres and cbs/paramount who wouldn't have to spend nearly as much and just distribute it for profit.

They could have had stretch goals funded by higher box office gross receipts. (like a copy of the ship... a uniform... props. etc.)

As a star fleet battles player, it was really nice to see the battles were implemented with star fleet battles in mind (and perhaps actually played out with SFB in mind).

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 0) 213

2) Force employers to pay a 10% tax on that salary

Isn't this the part where all the "free market" believers tell us that "companies never pay taxes, they just pass them on to their customers"?

So far, we've got Trump proposing a 35% tax on US companies that build products overseas and Slashdot fools telling us that raising taxes on companies will lead to greater employment.

Did something change with the Trump inauguration that's suddenly made believers in "economic liberty and small government" love taxes?

Comment Re:There are fatter phones out there, buy one. (Score 1) 86

those are your choices with pretty much every single product in the world.

No. There are more smartphones than cars in the world, but I can buy a Ford with an automatic transmission, a manual transmission, a big trunk, a small trunk, hatchback, truck bed or 20" rims that spin backward when I drive.

So where is my 2017 Samsung or Apple with a replaceable battery?

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