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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - WiFi drop-off problem still dogging MacBook lines (cnet.com) 1

cerberusss writes: "In October last year, CNet AirPort dropouts in Snow Leopard after ZDnet reported earlier on the WiFi problems. Apple subsequently released a firmware update in a Knowledge Base article, after many people devised workarounds such as decreasing their wireless router security, buying USB WiFi sticks, changing router settings and downgrades to the previous OS version. But today, a long-running thread on the Apple Discussions board named Dropping Wi Fi reached 47 pages. This indicates that there are multiple problems that Apple doesn't have a solution for. One user writes in frustration:

"I've spent hours on the phone with Applecare regarding this issue. First they blamed me, then the DNS servers, then the microwave, florescent lights, someone else's wifi, the router manufactures, their software writers, and the list goes on and on. I just want a Macbook that works."



Submission + - Android app sales utterly failing 1

cerberusss writes: "Mobile development company Larva Labs reports on the sales of their game apps for the Google backed Android market, an alternative for Apple's App Store. And the reports are pretty bad. In a piece called Android Market Sales, Are Those Tears or is it Raining in Here?, they ask themselves:

The Apple App Store is worth $200M monthly, whereas the Android market is worth a paltry $5M. As sad as that comparison may be, from our experience the total is probably much lower. We know from experience that below position 25 on the top selling games the earnings drop off to almost zero. To back that up a bit, we're going to release our latest Android sales data.


Submission + - AllOfMP3 payments cut off

cerberusss writes: "As of February 2007, the popular Russian music download site AllOfMP3 seems to be cut off from user payments. Whereas previously it was possible to buy gift certificates at XRost and then using these at AllOfMP3, the XRost payment provider displays the following message upon logging in:

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the payment platform, we will be performing a scheduled server maintenance. The payment option at our site will be restored in 48 hours.
However, the 48 hours have passed since long and it's not known when payments will be possible again. Did the RIAA finally get what they wanted?"
The Courts

Submission + - Dutch Homecopy foundation pays up $1.1 mln.

cerberusss writes: "A judge made the Dutch Homecopy foundation pay 840,000 (more than $1.1 mln) in a trial that the foundation had started itself against company Imation.

It's a fact that the Homecopy foundation (in Dutch "Stichting de Thuiskopie") 20 percent of the homecopy payment, that producers of writeable media pay, immediately pays back to producers that are members of the STOBI foundation. This foundation was started by the Ministery of Justice, to negotiate between producers of writeable media and the Homecopy foundation.

In the STOBI foundation, this 20% discount was kept secret. When Imation entered the STOBI foundation and discovered this fact, they stopped paying the homecopy payment until the discount was recouped over the previous years claiming unfair business practices. The Homecopy foundation immediately started a trial against Imation. But not only did they lose the trial for the current payments but were also forced to pay back the discount over the previous years including interest, running up to 840,000."

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