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Comment Re:If we're following protocol (Score 1, Insightful) 188

What if the journalists believe that the stuff shouldn't be leaked at all, because it hurts "their team"? Most mainstream journalists are completely ignoring the Wikileaks posts not because of "personal and private stuff" but because it's damaging for Hillary. Scrubbing would just allow further ignoring of the truth.

Comment Re:President Obama said something similar (Score 1) 216

Lots of things can be punishments without impacting rights. It's not the same kind of punishment as imprisoning them, for example, but they probably think of it as a punishment.

Treating innocent people badly because someone else is guilty of something is wrong, regardless of it technically being called "punishment" or whatever.

You can argue that it's justified based on some particular need if you want. But you can't argue that Trump's comments are evil hate speech and Obama's aren't -- they're essentially the same.

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