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Comment Re:Technology does not work that way. (Score 1) 345

You are speaking about a simple backdoor, while I was speaking about a whole system of systems of "clever checks, balances, and safeguards".

is not your call to make

Correct; it should not be my call to make.

Slashdot, for example, has a metamoderation system, that determines who tends to make good mods and who doesn't.

A similar system could rate law enforcement officials, to determine who would be most worthy -- after obtaining a legitimate warrant -- of access to private information.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 2) 199

I'm there more often than I'd like. There are NO LOW INCOME SF residents. There are those who could afford it when apartments where only $2k/month but now can't at $3k. They are not low income and never were. Like I say trust fund assholes who's trust is no longer big enough.

The only low income people in SF are street people and people that ride BART in.

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 636

Fair enough.

My car is modified to breath better, louder is just a side effect. ;-)

I run mufflers on my glow engine planes and fly at a designated field.

We're not going to speak of the pulse jet though. Even I will acknowledge that's as inappropriate as a GWAR concert at Liberty university. If you lived close, I'd arrange a 5AM low pass for you...kidding.

Comment Re:Dear Palo Alto: (Score 2) 199

For those not from Kansas City. Leawood is basically a very rich strip of land between the Missouri/Kansas border and the 'Kansas City Country Club'.

Mansions, old big money, absolutely no business. Sticks so far up their butts, they have to get splinters in their esophagus.

For the bay area the analogous city(s) would be 'Pacifica', maybe 'Half Moon Bay'. Run the numbers on those two.

KC has been calling itself the 'Silicon Prairie' for decades. It's still deluded bullshit.

Also don't look at the local government, terrible, 1% gross income tax. It's like they are trying to drive away business. Slowly going the way of eastern cities, will end up like Baltimore unless something changes.

Comment Re:Why would you want tech companies in the downto (Score 1) 199

Maybe that far West section of Palo Alto out towards Russian Ridge. The East part, along the bay, with all the businesses and where the downtown, is completely indistinguishable from Mountain View or Menlo Park - or basically anything south of SFO and north of San Jose. It literally runs right into its neighbors and one side of the street representing the border is indistiguishable from the other side in another city.

It's as far from a "small town" as Lynwood or Monterey Park are; nominally they are "cities", in reality they are incorporated neighborhoods in a much bigger, continuous metropolis. You wouldn't know it's a new place/city/town exept for a map or maybe a label on the street sign.

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