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Comment Re:London Too (Score 1) 651

That's not entirely true, you can own a gun in the UK- most people can't own concealable handguns, but sporting guns you can. The guns that are allowed are tightly regulated.

The result: very low gun crime. I've often thought the US should follow a similar policy. Most gun crime is committed by people with concealable handguns. You don't have to ban guns completely, you can have a right to bare arms, maintain an armed citizenry that can protect itself, without completely banning guns.

If you ban handguns, you eliminate most of the crime.

The purpose most people state for right to bare arms, is so that the government can't run rough-shod over the people. If that's true, if you're going to mount an insurrection, you're going to want to do it with rifles, not small handguns.

This, guns are controlled in the UK, not banned. You need to be licensed and firearms registered, just like cars which are per use, less dangerous than firearms.

Also when it comes to modern revolutions, you are pretty much entirely dependent on the military, in part or in whole, being part of the revolution. Without this you only end up with situations like Waco which only end in the favour of the government.

You're also entirely correct about guns and cirme. When guns are controlled, crime is also reduced. I live in the UK, the worst thing I worry about are my car being broken into when I'm not there. If someone were to attack me with a bat or knife, I know how to defend against that unarmed (I also know how to take a gun off someone, but that is mainly for shits and giggles). Although conventional wisdom says, if you're in a knife fight you're going to get cut I can say I prefer the notion of having to nurse a few lacerations compared to a gunshot wound. Much higher chance of surviving a stab wound than a 9mm, especially since you can block a knife with your arm and only get a slash there.

If I lived in a place with an abundance of guns I wouldn't be so unconcerned with the potential for being attacked... And having a concealed weapon is no defence when an attacker will already have a gun pointed at you. As any shooter knows, you always treat a gun as being loaded and locked (yep, I've owned guns). This is because the criminal will get the jump on you and it's not like you can say "excuse me Mr Crim, could you not shoot me whist I pull my own gun out", fuck no, if even look like going for a weapon you're brown bread mate.

Finally there will be gun control in America.. about 10 seconds after the rich feel threatened by the peasantry. That's more or less much how it happened here in the UK in the 1900's and 20's, the irony is we aren't any less free than you (we just have less crime and fewer gun deaths). Go back and see my point about revolutions and Waco, your AR15 is no threat to criminals or the government.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 651

And when do you expect to get the raise that will allow you go buy the now more expensive product? Someone making $15/hr already who gets no raise when the minimum goes to $15/hr will be in serious trouble as the prices for everything that come from current minimum wage workers goes up to cover your largesse. I'm glad you have lots of excess cash now that you can spend on the more expensive products, but most people do not.

Sorry to interrupt your lecture on crackpot economics 101 (or introduction to economic fallacies) but there are many, many nations throughout the world that demonstrates this is not the case. The UK, Australia, Japan and and many European nations demonstrate that paying a livable minimum wage does not result in mass unemployment. Quite the opposite in fact, paying people a livable wage enables them to buy things like rent and food instead of living in a leased car in a car park and subsisting on whatever they could get from Poundland.

In fact Henry Ford's entire business model depended on his employees being paid enough to buy his own products... And that worked out fantastically for him as compared to Uber... who are haemorrhaging cash.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 651

Well, to be fair...not every job out there is meant to be a full time, "real" job that you earn your full living from....

I mean, uber is just a side money job, that's it. I mean, should I pay a living wage to the kid down he block to mow my lawn or rake leaves...or baby site my kid, and throw in full blown benefits too?

I know I"m moving closer and closer to the "get off my lawn" crowd, but please tell me, I missed it..when did things change an EVERY job available became one where you were supposed to make a living from and have a career?

I mean, when did burger flipping become a "real job" instead of something teens did in high school?

Since burgers have been available within school hours.

So it always was, the question is why do you think it's a job for high school teens only when Micky D's runs 24 hours.

Uber is advertising itself as a full time career when it suits it but pretends that its ad hock when it is called out on its bullshit.. However we should have learned by now that Uber is lying out its arse about everything.

Comment Re:Own goal! (Score 2) 108

Now the US is shut out of the "benefits" of the TPP and China gains the leadership position.
The TPP was deeply flawed but the flaws benefited the US greatly. Now they will benefit China.
Trump's complete lack of understanding of geopolitics and economy has led him to this first (of many) stupid decisions... (how's the wall coming along, bozo)

Comment Own goal! (Score 5, Informative) 108

Trump kills TPP, giving China its first big win

"Economists have warned that many of Trump’s proposals — including suggestions that he would impose blanket double-digit tariffs on goods from Mexico and China — could backfire on the American economy by causing prices to rise or igniting a trade war,"

A retreat from the TPP now gives Beijing, which has been negotiating its own trade blocs, a chance to fill a void. Since Trump's election, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia have shifted toward China's proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which would also reduce tariffs — without many of the standards put in place by Obama's plan — and redirect Asian trade China's way. Other nations in the region are likely to follow suit.

Comment Re:Not so innocent after all (Score 1) 173

Where the hell did you get that? Yes, there were people driven by religious zeal and whatnot, but for most of the European nobility the crusades were a chance to conquer a land for themselves, for as second born they had no claim to the land the firstborn got.

If you go down the list of noble participants of the various crusades, you will come up with a handful of landed leaders who wanted to ensure that the new "owners" will swear fealty to them and a huge number of landless nobles who wanted some.

Yes, religion was just the excuse used. As Napoleon sad "A man does not get himself killed for a piece of ribbon or a petty distinction, you must speak to the soul to electrify him". Men fought the crusades in the name of god, but the benefit of a few leaders, of course people being people, if told the truth would never have travelled half way around the world to fight and die for a few rich arseholes who were just being greedy, so they turn it into a holy war to get the peasantry whipped up into a frenzy.

You know what, in the intervening 500 odd years, little has changed. Religious wars are still fought for the benefit of a few powerful arseholes. There is no such thing as a innately violent religion, only men who twist it to their designs. The only real change in this method is that some leaders have been forced to use newer justifications to get people to go to war for the benefit of rich arseholes, religion having fallen out of favour with the local populace.

Comment Re:Because people can travel? (Score 1) 288

What's to stop people from going to Venezuela and buying 10 copies of Final Cut Pro and bringing it back to the US? Unless you are suggesting that they start region locking software, controlling which country you can use software in depending on where you bought it.

The fact that they will be able to do it online. Seriously, almost all software is digital download these days, only the purchase needs to go via Venezuela (and possibly the activation, but a /.er should know how to handle that).

There was once a time right up until the early 00's where it was cheaper to fly from Perth, Western Australia to Los Angeles to buy 5 copies of Creative Suite than it was to buy it locally including flights, 2 nights accommodations and the average wage of an Australian for a full working week.

After the mid 00's that kind of activity was made redundant by the internet and couldn't be stopped by the fact the Govt made it legal to buy grey imports.

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