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Comment Re:Hydrogen is not gold (Score 1) 71

We've gotten a bit off track here.
I originally responded to a post which proposed making H2 from electricity, storing it and then converting that back to electricity. I pointed out that this is very inefficient (you only recoup about 30%). This is a very poor method to store electricity. I also pointed out that there is no need for long term battery electricity storage since short term fluctuations in wind, solar, hydro tend to even out. Recently published models of electric production from renewables have show that it is possible to support the grid entirely with renewables.

CH4 production and use for heating is a different subject.

Comment Re:Hydrogen is not gold (Score 1) 71

There is no need for long term energy storage.
Wind, solar and hydro have daily variations but reliable generation when averaged over even very short time spans. There is no need to store this energy for more than a few days.
If you have a source of H2 (such as this article posits), you can tap that as needed (similar to CH4) if you can work out a way to get if from the middle of the ocean. However, the thermodynamic inefficiencies of converting electricity to H2 and back to electricity (30%) makes it uneconomical (as well as unnecessary). H2 is a very poor energy storage medium (thermodynamically).

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 183

I revile hatred and bigotry. Yet I love the internet.

How can these both be true? Oh internet, you are a sweet sweet mystery.

Its called being irreverent.

For the most part the internet is very irreverent, even if the people who post the name "McGoebbels" are serious (and seriously messed up in the head) the internet refuses to take them seriously. Their act of hate and bigotry becomes an act to laugh at, rather than to revile.

I regularly call my brother in law a cunt. Usually being called that is pretty offensive but we both know we're not being serious about the entire thing. Whether something is humorous or bigoted depends on the intention as well as the forum it is being used in. Lets face it, if talking about racism wasn't able to be funny, stand up comedy would be decimated.

Comment Re:Hydrogen is not gold (Score 1) 71

Good sir (I assume you are a male, pardon if not).
I was merely responding to the prior post which was extolling the virtues of storing electrical energy as H2. I pointed out a few problems with the scheme and why it is a bad electricity storage medium.
I'm not sure what set you off on the tangent of Elon Musk but it seems that you have a pathological hatred of the man.
Batteries do have their limits but are much better than H2 storage of electricity which is grossly inefficient.
It's really hard to store any energy for long periods of time. Trees are probably the best storage of energy for winter heat.
Fortunately, renewable sources of electricity (wind, solar and hydro) only need small amounts of short term storage since they are renewed daily with predictable fluctuations.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 3, Informative) 249

The debate [] about the health benefits of raw vs pasteurized milk has not yet yielded much in the way of firm conclusions.

Actually the debate has some very firm conclusions with several deaths (mostly child deaths) directly linked to drinking raw milk. There was one in January here in the UK and in December 2014, one deaths and 4 serious injuries were caused by children consuming raw milk in Australia.

The debate is out about homogenisation, but the debate over pasteurisation is very clear cut. The problem is, like many times where science is very clear there are a few vocal nutters who refuse to give up their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence. Personally I dont mind letting adult nutters have their dangerous milk, my problem is when they try to force their bad life choices onto others, especially kids who couldn't know any better.

Comment Re:Hydrogen is not gold (Score 1) 71

The problem is the round trip efficiency of making H2 with electricity and then converting it back to electricity in a fuel cell is only 30-50% efficient compared to storing the electricity in a battery which is 90+% efficient.
In addition, compressing, storing and transporting H2 is difficult and causes further losses and inefficiencies. (H2 has a nasty habit of leaking through most containers)

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