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Journal Journal: Chillin with Philmo and K-Ron

"So where's this road go? I'm not sure...lets take it." So two hours, and 1/4 of a tank later we end up in d-town laughing our asses off because we were so lost. So then we picked up Philmo's pressure washer, that was a good time. After some random julie phone calls, polka music and chasing groundhogs we decided to grab some eats. There we got yelled at by the pizza nazi, and i saw some people i hadnt seen in years. Then we went to the ice house where crook crapped out some napkins. Afterwards we went to chill with Cowboy philmo..."ehh I've got a pice of bark caught in my throat"..and Kron. All in all it was a good night.
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Journal Journal: Welcome to gregs safari

"Welcome to gregs safari, on the right you will see train tracks and OH SHIT, that was my tire" So a huge ass stick ass raped gregs tire back in the woods. After bending half our car keys to get off his blinging rims we broke the lug nut wrench. Then philmo came to the attempted rescue with a wrench that didnt fit. So he left us to fend for ourselves. Then there was a lot of ass, pissing and greg shitting in the woods. So, me and crook took a power walk to the ice house and brought back the goods. When we got there papa M was showing up. He helped us get the lugs off. All 4 of us had to lift to get gregs jeep off the ground because his jack didnt work. Papa M also shared some awsome stories. We fianly got outta there and headed home. And to think a couple hours before that we were driving around yelling at people with my hair in crazy braids. What an insane night. Gotta feel bad for g-money though, he has shit for luck.
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Journal Journal: It's been a while...

So...its been a little more than six months since the last update, and i assure you we have only gotten stupider. Crook came to D-town to get his computer he left at my house two weeks ago and we decided to chill for a while. After calling half the people in my phone, with only one of them answering, that person was busy, we decided to drive around yelling at people pretending we know them only to leave them horribly cofused. That made us hungry so we went for some good old times at the KFC. Black Thunder wasnt there, but the other black dude was at least 10 times as cool. While eating my fried chicken i mananged to flig BBQ sauce all over myself and my pants that eat stains. We also relived crooks stupidity at ordering. The KFC lady asked him what kind of sauce he wanted and he proceded to say pepsi...she was as confused as the people we were yelling at earlier. Why is KFC always so funny, they must put drugs in the food. And why was the drivethorugh window talking to us? Cant forget i cursed off david bowie, "ground control to major tom, SHUT THE FUCK UP" **Smash Radio**

****UPDATE from CROOK*****

Well...greg and I saw some buick almost nail a parked car on the way home from school - funniest shit I've ever seen. Frank and I went to Goodnoes later and our usual waitress wasn't there. Oh well. More crazy shit to come this weekend, especially after last, chillin all over the place and "You're a good person"/"I love you man". Good times passed, good times to come.

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Journal Journal: Friday, Sept 26th

The crew last night was Chris, Greg, Mini-Chris, and Brian.

I tried to use my ding-king on chris' car but it just gave it nipples. btw, acetone takes off hotglue nicely - well, it takes off pretty much anything.

We ended up driving around the neighborhood for awhile, we went to the mall; decided it sucked (it smelled weird) and left and decided to score some taco bell.

Ahmed was working - and taking out the trash bahahha.

After that we decided to cruise around fairless hills and l-town for awhile, and show brian the shit hole we go to school at.

Somehow we ended up at the mobil near kohls in the lumi. PatMc was there with some other kids and he had shit on his ass. I ended up buying a fucking lunchable (don't be hatin on the lunchables) a pack of brussel cookies and an arizona ice tea. Lunchable fucking rocked until i got to the cheese. That ended up getting hidden in the lumi's glove box, console and under chris' horn.

We headed back to gregs so he and I could get the mini and drive out to maggies for alittle on the way out ofthe development we were throwing cheese and cookies at each others cars - ahh...good times.

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Journal Journal: Crusin' in Chris R's car

Sup wegro!
We are making this journal to document the stupid shit we do. Therfore,This is a list of the stupid shit we did on 9/19-9/21.

Abra ca Fog lights! The phillmiester rocks! The lumi is now rollin' the pimpin fog lights thanks to Mr. Phil.

Disc Golf (Didn't last to long) - WE SUCK.

Chickened keith Stern, and those bitches hid chicken in my car, - Keith got us back with the window-smear.

Coffee ice cream on the trunk of the lumi since we're cheap bitches and the ice cream place was closed - but Genuardi's wasnt!

Oreoed the road signs (yes, its a verb) - they came with the ice cream - good for eating, better for throwing.

Greg the gas station attendant - some fat ass wierd guy thought greg was the gas statino attendant and started talking to him - kinda creepy

New forest grove road speed record - and greg got owned trying to pass the lumi!

We also took a detour past Cervenka's house for Greg, I bet he appreciated that.

I almost forgot, mini-Chris busted gigantic-Chris' rearview mirror when chickening Keith.

I'm sure im missing a lot of shit but its all i can remember for now.

P.S. If you dont know who the fuck we are get out "Or I will kill you!"

Update- So gigantic chris was washing the lumi and he notices a softball size dent in his front right fender. He then remembers mini chris's attempt at a hood slide. Well that fucking hoe dented my car! Next time there will be a life size dent of mini chris on my hood, when i run him over! Muhahah!

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