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Journal cartzworth's Journal: Friday, Sept 26th

The crew last night was Chris, Greg, Mini-Chris, and Brian.

I tried to use my ding-king on chris' car but it just gave it nipples. btw, acetone takes off hotglue nicely - well, it takes off pretty much anything.

We ended up driving around the neighborhood for awhile, we went to the mall; decided it sucked (it smelled weird) and left and decided to score some taco bell.

Ahmed was working - and taking out the trash bahahha.

After that we decided to cruise around fairless hills and l-town for awhile, and show brian the shit hole we go to school at.

Somehow we ended up at the mobil near kohls in the lumi. PatMc was there with some other kids and he had shit on his ass. I ended up buying a fucking lunchable (don't be hatin on the lunchables) a pack of brussel cookies and an arizona ice tea. Lunchable fucking rocked until i got to the cheese. That ended up getting hidden in the lumi's glove box, console and under chris' horn.

We headed back to gregs so he and I could get the mini and drive out to maggies for alittle on the way out ofthe development we were throwing cheese and cookies at each others cars - ahh...good times.

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Friday, Sept 26th

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