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Journal cartzworth's Journal: Crusin' in Chris R's car

Sup wegro!
We are making this journal to document the stupid shit we do. Therfore,This is a list of the stupid shit we did on 9/19-9/21.

Abra ca Fog lights! The phillmiester rocks! The lumi is now rollin' the pimpin fog lights thanks to Mr. Phil.

Disc Golf (Didn't last to long) - WE SUCK.

Chickened keith Stern, and those bitches hid chicken in my car, - Keith got us back with the window-smear.

Coffee ice cream on the trunk of the lumi since we're cheap bitches and the ice cream place was closed - but Genuardi's wasnt!

Oreoed the road signs (yes, its a verb) - they came with the ice cream - good for eating, better for throwing.

Greg the gas station attendant - some fat ass wierd guy thought greg was the gas statino attendant and started talking to him - kinda creepy

New forest grove road speed record - and greg got owned trying to pass the lumi!

We also took a detour past Cervenka's house for Greg, I bet he appreciated that.

I almost forgot, mini-Chris busted gigantic-Chris' rearview mirror when chickening Keith.

I'm sure im missing a lot of shit but its all i can remember for now.

P.S. If you dont know who the fuck we are get out "Or I will kill you!"

Update- So gigantic chris was washing the lumi and he notices a softball size dent in his front right fender. He then remembers mini chris's attempt at a hood slide. Well that fucking hoe dented my car! Next time there will be a life size dent of mini chris on my hood, when i run him over! Muhahah!

Optimism is the content of small men in high places. -- F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Crack Up"