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Comment Re:Theory vs Practice (Score 1) 289

Motivation doesn't need to be lead directly by achieving profit.

Alternatively and more realistically, does it benefit BP to keep the region screwed and continue paying out billions in claims? No, that would be eroding their profits. As would losing oil to the ocean vs barreling and selling it. Dispersants thin the oil to say, prevent less birds from being mucked down in heavy crude.

I know, I know: But this big bad corporation!!

Comment Re:Public IPs at premium prices (Score 0, Offtopic) 282

Actually, I'd start at the horrendous entitlement commitments we have. Like, the ones with outstanding liabilities that equal all the private wealth in the country. Then, maybe the military. Or maybe fending off more entitlements, like the Federal gov't being the only originator of student loans. And maybe cut off Fannie and Freddie from the taxpayers pockets. Just some thoughts.

Comment As a recent W&M grad... (Score 1) 664

I had a limited number of professors who banned laptops in their classrooms. Typically it was only the insecure professors who sucked pedagogically who resorted to such bans. If you have a stimulating lecturer on a worthwhile topic, the issue of attention solves itself. Ultimately, it's only the student who suffers anyway. Sort of the old "you can lead a horse to water..." type deal, just involving technology as an inhibitor to learning which is only a distraction because of lack of inherent attention/motivation in the student.

Laptops are no more distracting than elaborate doodling, fidgeting, or sleeping students.

Disclaimer: I totally fucked around on my laptop in classes I didn't care about (General Education Requirements!) or with professors who sucked. However, it's also nice to be able to lookup something you don't understand or is tangential but interesting...

Comment Re:Economics 102.5 (Score 1) 217

Can you explain how a newspaper with plenty of competition is anything like a utility? News is highly competitive with blogs and internet sites in the market places. The parent's mention of Comcast (a monopoly with high distribution & infrastructure costs) and Shell (sells a very limited-supply good, oil, not information like newspapers do) are false comparisons.

Comment Re:Riddle me this (Score 2, Insightful) 766

Correct. The free market assumes perfect access to information (information wants to be free, no?). We just got more information on this product. Thus we can make decisions based on this new information (it gets "priced in"). We then return to an equilibrium after the use of this GM corn falls in disfavor. Of course, I'd also like to see more studies confirming this before any conclusions are drawn. How about a simple comparison of how widespread this GM corn is, when it was released, and national rates of organ failure over a long period of time?

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