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Comment Re:This application needs a game in it (Score 2) 192

FWIW, I actually think that if they were to put in some effort, they really could fix it. Just think up a game (or two or three or ten), and add that to it. Treat the previous work as background/setting/universe_creation. Mapping the universe onto the real world was a good idea and I think we're going to see a lot more of that happening in the near future.

Well that's what they did - they put all that effort into Ingress. PokeGo was the culmination of all the crowd-sourced locations and some of the gameplay (battling for control of Gyms / Portals).

Augmented reality does look to be the future of gaming (much more so than "virtual reality"). The problem with Ingress and PokeGo that Niantic doesn't seem interested in solving is that a small group of dedicated and coordinated player can ruin the game for everyone else over a fairly large area.

Comment Re: Was this before or after adjustments? (Score 1) 271

REal science is based on logical skepticism, not just crazy ass made up doubt. Not denial wrapped in skepticism.

Logic skepticism. There Is a reason why scientific experts i the field came to consensus regarding Global Warming.

There is a reason Countries that have the most economical impt still agree with Man Made GW.

When skepticism relies on an global conspiracy that involves thousands ,i f not 10's of thousands, or people, it's not real skepticism.


Comment Re: Was this before or after adjustments? (Score 1) 271

I'm not a climatologist.

Then shut up.

" However, I understand science and statistics "

The claim made by everyone who doesn't know what they are talking about.

As an example , in no way did they " adjust the data in order to reach your conclusion".

This also tell me you have no clue what you are talking about:
"The warming in the data is almost exclusively due to the adjustments supposedly to account for urban heat islands. However, without those adjustments, the temperatures are pretty flat."

Lets set your admitted ignorance aside ad go straight to the base science:

1) Visible light strikes the earth Testable? Yes. Tested? Yes. Could anyone devise a test? Yes

2) Visible light has nothing for CO2 to absorb, so it passes right on through. Testable? Yes. Tested? Yes. Could anyone devise a test? Yes

3) When visible light strike an object, IR is generated. Testable? Yes. Tested? Yes. Could anyone devise a test? Yes

4) Greenhouse gasses, such as CO2, absorb energy(heat) from IR. Testable? Yes. Tested? Yes. Could anyone devise a test? Yes

5) Humans produce more CO2(and other green house gasses) then can be absorbed through the cycle. Testable? Yes. Tested? Yes. Could anyone devise a test? Yes

Each one of those has been tested, a lot. You notice deniers don't actually address the facts of GW? Don't have a test that shows those facts to be false?

So now you have to answer:

Why do you think trapping more energy(heat) in the lower atmosphere does not impact the climate?

Comment Surprise (Score 2) 156

What's surprising is that none of these members are cybersecurity experts.

Not surprising to me. The DNC and their members create economic policies with no understanding of economics. They put people in charge of justice with no understanding of justice. They put people in charge of foreign policy who are incompetent in dealing with foreign policy issues.

So this is just what they do - meddle in things they know nothing about.

Comment Re:Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 3, Interesting) 706

You mean the Kenneth Starr that recently had to resign from Baylor due to a sex assault scandal? You mean the guy whose chief prosecutor in the case, Miquel Rodriguez, quit the Starr investigation, claiming that Starr’s staff was engaging in a cover-up of Foster’s death? That Kenneth Starr?

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 323

You call a flagrant propaganda site like that 'actual science' ?!?!?!

No, you stupid dipwad - maybe you could try the links to the peer-reviewed studies they have DIRECT LINKS to instead of throwing out ad hominems because you don't like the messenger.

Funny how you did not link a peer reviewed article in a journal...

Total reading comprehension on the part of dipwad silentcoder. The page I linked has more than ten links to peer reviewed articles, plus references. Wow silentcoder sure is making himself look like an utter fool today.

At least get something that isn't debunked with links to numerous peer reviewed studies on the 'common claims' page

Okay, sorry, now I realize you're just trolling. Claiming the my link is "flagrant propaganda" so you reference a well-known source of flagrant propaganda! LOL! You had me going there for a minute.

HAHAHAHA! Well played.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 4, Informative) 323

Plants are evolved in a given CO2 level and their response to rapid changes is highly unpredictable - it isn't all good for plants.

Gee, maybe someone should do some experiments to find out. You know, use some actual science. Then we can make predictions that actually work, rather than extrapolations of something so complex and untestable it's easier just to spout a bunch of alarmist propaganda.

TL;DR plants not only grow faster and produce more biomass in higher CO2 concentrations, they are also more efficient in the use of water.

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