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Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 489

Another thing, beyond the whole form factor issue, is that it seems the implied target audience for most UIs is content consumers. if you are a content creator, your requirements are rather different than those who are primarily consumers of pics and videos and texts. As a developer with decades of experience (ie, old fart) I like to see maximum amount of stuff on the screen(s), because I need access to lots of things to do my job.

Comment Re:Urban Fetch (Score 4, Informative) 139

The documentary about, e-Dreams, is both fascinating and painful to watch. These guys went through a breathtakingly huge pile of money in a very short time, trying to do exactly this sort of personalized delivery. It gives you a real feel for how truly insane VC funding was in the late '90s. Maybe Kalanick should check this film out before putting too much effort into this idea.

Comment Re:Customer service? (Score 1) 928

And I'm the opposite. Typically, my 1.5 hr layover between flight to $MAJOR_AIRPORT and the flight home turns into 45 minutes and a sprint to the gate for the connector flight. The last thing I want is to be carrying all of my crap while I'm running. And then there's the maintenance of that bag - Getting it to and from the nearest available spot, which might be a distance away from my seat, or worse, a gate check. Given the state of Intra-US flight, I'd have missed half my connectors if I had my stuff.

Comment Re:They surely are shuffling things around (Score 1) 293

I've seen disorganized large systems like this before - In the one case I'm thinking of, the root cause was that upper level management had no concerns about consistency or a unified architecture, and let each app team deliver what the team wanted without much in the way of group collaboration. This smells like a similar scenario.

Comment Palm Zire, iPod Photo, Stereo Stuff (Score 1) 702

The Palm runs a time logger that I've used to track my work hours since 2003. The thing has outlasted at least a couple of Apple notebooks that it synched to. The iPod Photo I bought in October of 2004 still uses it's original battery. And then there's the musical stuff - A set of Adcom audio separates talking to a pair of Magnepans bought in the late '80s. The Maggies were reconditioned in the mid '90s. That set up still sounds great.

Comment Re:No Internet? (Score 5, Interesting) 490

In the rural valley I lived up until last year, my Internet was provided by cellular modem or MiFi - The only alternative was satellite, and the latency of satellite prevents VPN usage that I need for work. The MiFi comes with a 10GB cap, which is fine for most of my home and business usage. But 10GB is about 3 streamed movies. So I buy DVDs instead.

Comment Re:Wouldn't opening the helmet clear the water? (Score 1) 144

The article summary has a link to Parmitano's blog in which he mentions your solution: "The only idea I can think of is to open the safety valve by my left ear: if I create controlled depressurisation, I should manage to let out some of the water, at least until it freezes through sublimation, which would stop the flow. But making a ‘hole’ in my spacesuit really would be a last resort."

Comment Re:This will be really cool to watch (Score 1) 73

Speaking of cool to watch, I compete in dog agility, and the last show, a couple of weeks ago, was a couple of miles from Space X's range in Texas. They had two engine tests during the weekend, and even from that distance the noise rattled the arena we were in like an earthquake. A bunch of us would go running outside to watch the enormous cream colored clouds from the tests fill the sky near the horizon. BTW, some dogs totally freaked at the noise (and the sight of their nerd handlers bolting outdoors to see if they were launching Grasshopper didn't help their confidence much, either.) My pups didn't care, fortunately.

Comment Re:Fuckbeta (Score 1) 2219

Or you think they could learn from the reworking of Google News back in 2010. I took a tour of the beta. It has that whitespace disease that lots of UI designers seem to have contracted from Windows 8, and they've done a really good job at stripping much of the information out of it. As for this "let's retarget the site for a wider audience" marketing crap, I'll say what I've said before when this "wider audience" idea came up: The kiddies can go elsewhere.

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