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Comment Re:Not really ... historically ... (Score 1) 442

Normal cigarette smoke has things like formaldahyde, benzene, ammonia and acetone - all known carcinogens while normal pot smoke does not. Can You tel me a procedure, how to burn leaves without producing formaldehyde. benzene, ammonia, acetone and lot of other things please?

Comment Re:what does waiting have to do with anything? (Score 1) 517

Whether it actually is faked or not is another matter. There's no evidence one way or the other. But it being in a bundle with genuine documents does put the balance of probabilities on it also being genuine.

There may be no evidence that one is faked, but the fact, that the one is scaned hrom hardcopy and the rest are direct saved as .pdf is prety sugestive one.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 284

The problem is not with potatoes, the battery is generating power from zinc an copper electrodes, not from the potatoes, which serves only as an electrolyte. There may be a surplus of potatoes but I doubt, whether there is a surplus of copper and zinc also.

Comment Re:Still kinda dumb (Score 2, Informative) 470

The problem with fission reactors is that when the control rods fail, the enriched uranium does what it naturally does and continues to release neutrons in a chain reaction.

Nonsense, when in pressurized water reactor _all_ control rods fail and also and also _all_ rods for emergency shutdown (which are operated solely on gravity) fail causing the power output and so the temperature of reactor increasing, then the water (serving as coolant and moderator) does, what it naturally does - its density and so the moderator efficiency decreases which results in stopping the chain reaction. It is called "inherent safety"

Comment Re:Global Warming Debate is a deliberate red herri (Score 1) 715

It doesn't matter if global warming is real or not.

The root question is, does it make sense to pump pollution into a thin atmosphere? No, of course not, it is wrong to keep doing so. Therefore, we need to take steps to stop.

It does matter. The debate is not about air pollution. The debate is about CO2. And no, CO2 is not a pollutant. Remember, without CO2 there will be nothing green.

Comment "second opinions" (Score 3, Interesting) 715

One problem with this analogy is that it's not just one "doctor" that's saying "operate", it's thousands . How many more "second opinions" do you want before you accept that perhaps you actually need an operation? Are all those doctors quacks, every one of them?

Here are some "second options" :

Are all those doctors quacks, every one of them?

Comment Re:My god. (Score 1) 806

There's not a lot of room for Necrophiliac Sadism in chemistry, but I suppose if you were making (and taking) LSD or pouring HCL on biology's lab mice for therapy, you'd be having a sit-down with your dean.

Nice strawman. As it happens, some chemistry labs do indeed involve dissolving various things in HCl (capitalization matters here, so get it right). Suppose I said I enjoyed them (I do) and were looking forward to the next one (I am); should that get me banned?

You do realize that embalming (or some methods of it, anyway) requires cutting open the corpse, right?

Comment Re:It's not the Eagle Nebula (Score 1) 91

Thats the great thing about science, its not just the soundbite, its an onion with layer upon layer of history and undersanding that changes only slowly over a lifetime. So we see the sky with our eyes, we learn that radio waves are like light and we look at the sky with different wavelengths or frequencies of light and it looks different at different wavelengths, we see things near the Eagle nebula that we see with light at much longer infrared wavelengths through the Herschel telescope that we could never see with our own eyes because the dust hides the visible light. Its like a playstation, press the button and you play games, but tool up with the right software and you have the guts exposed through a command prompt. Beneath the simple view that the casual observer sees are layers of complication that are there for you to play with once you have understood what lies beneath the visible exterior. Herschel is no different to hacking your favourite appliance, inside a computing device and nearbye what we can see with our eyes are hidden depths which we can explore that are just as real as what we see at first glance but have the fascination of the hidden. Unlike science there are no hackers guides to politics philosophy and religion, if you could come up with one that lasted more than a momment it would be pretty handy, meanwhile hacking through science is deeply satifsying by comparison because it makes you feel like you are understanding the world. Try asking an Economist if they feel that they have a useful understanding of their field at the moment! Herschel is great because it encourages us to think that we might develop enough understanding to do stuff, something that is sadly lacking in some other learned disciplines. I say thats why even if we never go to the stars its worth learning about them - the process gives us hope that we can make things better closer to home. We have four years to learn how the solar system formed by looking at proto planetary systems in the Eagle nebula or the Orion nebula before the liquid helium runs out. Hurrah! for all the wonderful things we will discover.

Comment No morals (Score 1) 146

While ASCAP is "not for profit", it has paid employees, particularly its board of directors. This provides it motive to seek every drop of money it can, particularly if it is not "cost effective" to do so. The largest part of those costs are, after all, employee wages.

It has the muscle to extort money out of business owners even when it knows it is in the wrong; it is fully aware of the cost of defending a lawsuit, and that the vast majority of small businesses and performers cannot afford to do so. (And guess what? More overhead!)

This is by no means the first such story I've heard, even here on slashdot. If you've got potentially deep pockets and are high-profile, they may back off, but if you look sueable, they may sue to make an object lesson of you. Much like the RIAA.

Just as an aside, I found a reference saying that ASCAP does not automatically pay royalties for general live performances. I bet, though, that it still collects them. As you seem more informed about ASCAP particulars, would you care to speak about that?

Comment Re:And the Palestinians are not under siege? (Score 1) 929

And the attitude that any person who dislikes Israel should be treated like a criminal and denied basic rights does far more damage than any misguided kid's political views.

There isn't much difference between Israelis complaining about Palestinian violence and early pioneers complaining about Native American violence. If you take someone's land and property with force, they will probably do whatever they can to retaliate. If you don't want them to use terrorist tactics, have the US give the same amount of weapons to Palestine as it does to Israel. I'm sure the two state solution would suddenly be vastly more appealing to the hardliners who still want to steal Palestinian land under the guise of security.


This entire back and forth has become so utterly useless, with both sides being able to point to too many instances of violence that justify their own use of violence. The end is only going to come if both sides bleed so much that they can't take it anymore. Sadly enough, this means that Israel is going to experience a lot more suicide bombings, and Palestinians are going to experience more visits from the Israeli Army.

Unless people on one side suddenly grow balls and break the cycle of violence. But it seems too late for that.

Comment Re:Nice try (Score 1) 736

The researchers did not use certain tree ring data post 1960 because it was not properly calibrated to instrumental data

But the tree ring data was surely properly calibrated to hide the Medieval Warm Period. In other words, thermometers are the gold standard for cases they tell us, what our ideology expects, the tree rings are the gold standard in other cases, climatic models are the gold standards in yet another cases... insert you choices ad nauseam... as long as we are getting our precious Hockeystick, aren't they ;-)?

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