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Comment I'd wait for the Mr Handy version, but... (Score 1) 80

... either I'd be one of the millions who didn't get a spot in a Vault, or I'd most likely be a feral ghoul. And while Super Mutants have green thumbs, they also have green pinkies, green hands, and green faces.

Or, you know, the atom bombs would knock me into an entirely different dimension where the Mr Handy was never invented.

Besides, it's a good 60 years to 2077. I'd be dead of simple old age, if I wasn't ghoulified.

Comment Re:Another Nasty Surprise: Flash installed by defa (Score 1) 564

Pretty sure you can uninstall Flash if you want. Pretty sure Firefox also lets you disassociate Flash from the file extension as well.

Not sure if Flashblock is still a viable extension in Firefox, though. ... mostly because I pretty much extirpated Flash from my (Vista) system.

Hey, don't laugh at me. It still plays Civ IV, so I still don't have any free time...

Comment Re:Biased (Score 1) 157

Fuck them both. Lock them in a room and hand them enough ammo to shoot each other.

Whoever loses
We win.

You missed a step: brick up the door.

If you open the door to resolve the schrodinger's cat paradox, one of several bad things can occur:
1) both of them shoot you dead, having cottoned to the fact that you set them to kill each other.
2) the survivor shoots you dead, ditto
3) the police officer now standing behind you arrests you for murder or accomplice-to of one or both. .. why the police officer? Responding to the 'shots fired' call and/or the bullet whizzing through the wall of the room you forgot to bullet-proof before stuffing full of homicidal fanatics.

Comment Re:A Conspiracy Theorist Walks Into a Bar (Score 1) 354

Building 7 explanation.
Video of beams buckling due to heat.

Sorry, it's obvious you don't buy the "internal column buckled due to fire" explanation, even though fire was ALSO the cause, albeit indirectly, for the collapse of the towers that WERE hit by airplanes.

I don't care if you don't drink the kool-aid, but I think you need to back the buckle off on your tinfoil hat.

Comment Re:Something similar (Score 1) 460

> rm -rf doesn't actually delete the files.
> you had it within your ability to recover the data.

For those of us who do not eat, drink, and sleep Linux (or UNIX...), would you please describe the built-in commands that you would use to recover the data?

Or the forensic tools you would need to use (name some examples)?

And does it change the recovery method/possibilities if the entire server is virtual, and that the blocks covering the deleted files may have been recovered by the host (dynamic VM storage allocation)?

Not trolling you. Want to know.

Deleted a critical file once. /vmunix. Most embarassing. 25 years ago. "Had to" restore from tape, not knowing an alternative.

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