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Comment Re:Fake science/sloppy science (Score 1) 208

In practice that requirement seems to never be enforced. IIRC someone got a patent on an FTL drive, but I'm not certain it was in the US. However, they needed a specific rule to eliminate patents on perpetual motion machines even back in the 1800's, so it's been a long time when the requirement that "someone skilled in the arts" can understand it and duplicate it has been enforced.

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 1) 163

Well, yes, but I read the comments at -1.

And THAT is the way this should be done, not be removing comments. I'm perfectly fine with having it score comments. In fact I think there should be several different factions allowed to score comments. And people should be able to browse, for each service, at any minimum score required they choose. Personally, I'd like a score service that rated any post that mentioned "SJW" at -1, and that one I'd use setting the minimum score at zero. But this doesn't mean I think the posts should be removed, merely hidden from me. (I find them almost always worthless, and usually stupid.) That I don't want to experience them doesn't mean I don't feel that others should be allowed to experience them, if that's what they chose.

Comment Re:specifications (Score 1) 287

That's one valid point. My real problem with it is that I've seen this promised before, and the things delivered were exceptionally unimpressive. In fact, the closest I've seen to something that does this so far was never touted under that rubric....the spreadsheet.

OTOH, back in the days of the Apple ][+ there was this program called "The Last One", touted as "The last program you'll ever need to buy!". It quickly sank without a trace.

All that said, a lot of what programmers do *is* cut an paste...only we call it linking in libraries, and we already have automated tools to do it.

And *that* said, I can easily imagine certain areas in which programmers are currently working being automated. Certainly there are areas where I used to work that have been automated. It's been a long time since I had to write a hash table, e.g., or a doubly linked list, or... well, lots of things. Expect the process to continue, and probably to speed up a bit. I don't expect the genuine automatic programmer before 2025 at the earliest. ... And even then I expect there will be areas it can't really handle....but I consider that requiring all children learn to code to be a really stupid move. Get them to think critically, OK. That would be a good thing, if you can figure out how to do it.

Comment Re:Weak/nonexistent punishments for faulty notices (Score 1) 55

All patent applications are signed under penalty of perjury. However, the US Patent and Trademark office disbanded its enforcement department in 1974. So, you can perjure yourself on a patent application with impunity.

Unless it's testimony in a criminal case, or the perjury trap in front of a grand jury, or something they want to prosecute like lying on your tax form, the Federal government is in general lassiez faire about perjury, or even encouraging of it with their reluctance to prosecute, especially perjury committed by a so-called intellectual property holder.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 163

It really depends on the algorithm. This is apparently about the type of language used, not the opinions expressed. If the algorithm mostly removes one word replies like "Fucktard", and leaves in place "I respectfully disagree with you that Mr Trump's policies will have the effect you describe", then, well, it's fine. What's the problem?

What I find interesting right now is that the word "Toxic" is used to describe the kinds of comments that'll be removed, and immediately rather a lot of people on Slashdot (not you) immediately assume it's anything that's anti-StrawJW.

Kinda tells you something about the people who use the term "SJW" to describe opponents of their own beliefs, doesn't it.

Comment Re:written in Go (Score 1) 54

Given Go is a mainstream language without anything unusual about it, and given that's pretty much well known, I'd say most programmers wouldn't consider it a barrier. The programmers that do? Probably the people who aren't going to contribute to an open source project in the first place.

Why do I say this? Well, because you either love programming or you don't. If you do, then yes, open source is interesting to you, and no, you're not going to be put off by having to use a language you're only 90% familiar with (because, like I said, for non-LISP/Prolog/etc programming languages, you're already 90% familiar with them), you'll consider that a feature, not a bug.

What might put a programmer off contributing to a project because of the language is if the language is unpleasant or a chore to use, not if the language is not something they've used before. But Go isn't that either.

I'm a developer too. I've been in this profession for nearly 25 years, and been programming since I was 10 years old. If something can be modified and the source is available, I tend to play with it, regardless of the language. I really suspect most of us are the same way. Those who aren't... well, do you think they're really interested in open source?

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