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Comment Not magic (Score 1) 147

Buffer bloat can't happen without congestion. Congestion is the real problem and talk of buffer bloat is a bit off-point. Sure, if you combat congestion with very large buffers (and hence significant queuing), you get increased latency due to the queuing. Reasonable increase in latency (say 20%) is not a huge hit on performance. Remember that you're trading that extra latency for lower probability of dropped packets.

Comment Re:Cannot compute... (Score 1) 156

The EU can overrule UK law because treaties are automatically incorporated into UK law. So the treaties that created various European courts and gave those courts jurisdiction over the UK would by honoured by UK courts. In some other countries, like Australia, treaties are not automatically incorporated, but must be ratified via domestic legislation. I think Australia has the better system.

Regardless of whether or not you like THIS law, perceived lack of UK sovereignty was a major factor in the decision to leave. The arrogance and unlikeability of many Eurocrats didn't help.

Comment Re:Um. . . no (Score 1) 229

If designed well, the delay should be a small constant regardless of the the number of photos taken in rapid succession. e.g. hardware encryption of a hi-res image might take 10 ms, but there's no reason to 'bank up' the images and then encrypt them all at once; they'd be encrypted on their way to storage.

The downside is that the photographer can't look at their photos on the camera's display - perhaps the last 10 unencrypted photos could be viewed for 5 minutes, or something like that.

Comment Re:The old world finally realizes (Score 2) 160

It's not new tech, AirBnB is pretty much a sublet which is and has been against the terms of most lease agreements since forever.

You are talking about rental contracts - an issue between lessor and lessee.

This law is quite different - it criminalises subletting and even plain letting for periods under one month. There's little reason for it except that the hotel industry has greased enough palms to get a law passed in their favour.

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