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Comment Re:So far the phone mfg with a public problem.. (Score 1) 51

It would help their narrative if they make it sound like all the competitors are ready to fail at any moment.

Yeah, instead it's just giving competitors an opportunity to fire back with a "well, it's nice that Samsung is finally taking battery testing as seriously as we've been all along..."

Immediately after making a massive fuck up in a particular field isn't really the time to publicly tout your expertise in that field. It takes a bit of time to demonstrate that you've actually learned from your mistake and haven't repeated it.

Comment doesn't stop spam now, why would more be better (Score 1) 124

I already get spam -- and even phishing -- email from domain names that have proper DKIM and SPF records. Sometimes it's though easy cheap email services or mailing list services like or , sometimes is from hosts and domain names that were purchased just to blast out email, and 48 hours later I get the same advertisements from a fresh new domain names change with fresh new valid DMARC records.

More paperwork isn't the solution.

Comment Re:Alternative headline... (Score 1) 266

Eh, you might be surprised.

I might be, yeah. Not too many people have fond feelings about airlines, and I'm sure even the most stay-at-home politician has had some poor experiences.

But seeing what's happening right now, I'm inclined to treat any pro-consumer legislation actually passing in the USA as a complete fluke.

Comment Re:Switched to PulseAudio today - here's my story (Score 1) 322

Bottom line, I guess: PulseAudio in 2017 _just effin' works_. Save yourself some time, skip the whining and bitching, get with the times and install it already.

Yeah, we did, because users apparently need Firefox to play sound.

Now we need to figure out why some of our systems are bogging down or completely freezing.

I'm not saying you're entirely wrong, but you might have reversed the words "effin' works"...

Comment Re:I wish that was it (Score 1) 281

Is it possible to use Windows 10 without the taskbar? When I had to use company-issued windows workstations, I'd get slowed down by the explorer.exe crashes that would demolish not just the file manager but also the desktop shell, so I replaced the shell with something else like Litestep or Blackbox (bb4win or bblean). I think the registry key to change was SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell ?

Comment I get _less_ because I don't use social media (Score 1) 142

I never got on the LiveJournal bus, and I noticed that the people I hung out with were talking about things I didn't know about, and talking about events that I wasn't invited to because it was only mentioned on LiveJournal. Now with Facebook -- which is broken for me -- I see friends less and less often because they talk to each other through Facebook, and organize get-togethers solely through Facebook. They don't even use email, nevermind telephone calls anymore. And since I can't use Facebook, I'm left out.

It feels like I'm isolated because I'm not using (or able to use) social media enough to keep-up with my peers.

Comment Re:The idea's good, their mechanisms are a bit odd (Score 1) 238

this one is utterly prohibited for use as a dump

It is now, because someone actually tried to use it as a dump. Just ask some locals; I missed that particular pissing contest, but people were still pretty bent out of shape about it when I lived there 15 years ago.

Comment Re:some things should be trivial for any expert (Score 1) 1001

Likewise, if you're an expert programmer, you should be able to write bubble sort on the whiteboard without a web search.

I would expect an expert programmer to be able to write a linear insertion sort. I would expect them to be able to explain a quicksort or a mergesort or some algorithm with real-world practical value and discuss why any particular one would or would not be used.

I would expect that an expert programmer will have last written a working bubble sort in an undergrad algorithms course and then promptly forgotten the details.

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