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Comment designing in a bubble (Score 1) 59

This will waste time for me in two ways: in a small way, the flickering display of suggestions will distract me and instil doubt from the answer I already know I'm typing; in a large way, I expect it will act like autocorrect does in wordprocessors and webforms, and I will have to erase what was filled in (maybe a more than once) to get it to be what I intended to type.

Comment Re:Set up correct secondary DNS servers (Score 1) 351

Dyn did do it correctly -- domain names had four DNS servers, two machines at each of two widely distant facilities. I don't think you grasp the volume of traffic that was involved; it was literally record-breaking, and future events will be bigger if we don't change the way we change the internet and internet-using devices. Adding more DNS servers at more facilities is an arms race the good guys are going to lose.

Comment false positives (Score 1) 320

`If I were a student, I'd be terrified. I didn't cheat, but I could still be accused of cheating for having a solution "too similar" to some other solution. Saying I've waived my right to defend myself against accusation because I didn't admit to something I didn't do would drive me crazy. I'd have to lie about cheating just to avoid the more severe punishment, despite not actually doing the behaviour the administration wishes to discourage.

The fear of punishment that's unconnected to misbehaviour will drive lab rats into neurotic self-harm, and students are pretty similar to lab rats.

Comment Re:Pre chaos theory (Score 3, Interesting) 242

The story has antigravity, faster-than-light travel, force-shield projectors you can wear as a belt buckle and you're okay with the unrealistic physics, but you dismiss the entire series because you don't like the abstractly-defined maths in the first book?

If you thought Asimov was unaware of chaos theory, then you haven't read past the first book, and you also don't know the author's other works.

Comment Manditory registration. (Score 1) 53

"All employees are required to register with Google Fit. Employees who are not healthy are inefficient, and their salary will be adjusted accordingly to the value they are withholding from this company by being insufficiently healthy."

Just like when employers demand the social networking data of every employee, sometimes even requiring Facebook passwords.

Comment IMAP (Score 1) 218

The only change they've made that bothered me was when Google Hangouts was integrated. Now when I use IMAPS to pick up my email, I get mismatches between the new message count and the actual number of unread messages in the Inbox; the "missing" unread messages are the short notes someone's sent to me via their fork of Jabber XMPP, which appear in the webmail interface but not in the IMAPS (and I would assume POP3S) interfaces.

Comment tautology (Score 1) 226

"Somewhere along the way, however, we tricked ourselves into thinking..."

So: when a good idea is implemented poorly, then bad things happen. Why is this news?

'DevOps' isn't killing the developer; people who are abusing developers are killing developers and using [place idea here] as an excuse. If you focus on 'DevOps', then you're going to throw out an idea and do nothing to prevent people abusing developers and using [idea n+1] as an excuse.

Comment Not just for prisoners (Score 1) 914

The time an offender is locked away is not just for punishment -- it is also to assure victims and targets they are safe, so they can get on with and repair their lives. You would need to give the time-dilation drugs to the victims outside the prison, so they can subjectively spend the years it takes to heal the trauma and feel safe again.

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