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Comment Deeeep and Trooouuuubling Questions! (Ahem) (Score 2) 118

Nanometers may be small, but they're not infinitely small, which is what infinitesimal means. They're barely even any closer to infinitely small than centimeters.

Well, FWIW, *both* of them are infinitely larger than infinitesimal despite the fact that nanometres are closer. So does this mean that the "infinity" between centimetres and infinitesimal is larger than the infinity between nanometres and infinitesimal? Hmmmmmm......

Also, imagine a line of people standing single-file, extending infinitely in both directions. There are, of course, an infinite number of people. Now, imagine each of these people is joined by a partner. Are there twice as many people now? Does this mean there are "2 x infinity" people? But surely you can't do that to infinity. Er...

After your noodle has been baked in the oven at gas mark 5 for 45 minutes, remove and place on a wire tray to cool down. (^_^)

Spoiler; I'm not a mathematician, and don't have the answers, I'm just throwing this out here for amusement. Though I guess someone who knows more about this than I do could explain it if they could be arsed. :-)

Comment Re:What's with all the cheap video cards? (Score 2) 41

Seriously, this is a nerd site, and nerds care about performance.

Some do, some don't.

Maybe some of you want to spend your days looking through open source video driver code, but real nerds want to actually do stuff and get good video performance.

So, someone's not a "real nerd" if they want to spend "days looking through open source video driver code" (sounds pretty stereotypically nerdish to me) rather than just getting stuff done (which was traditionally associated with ordinary, non-nerdish users who saw the technology as just a means to an end)?

Let's face it; you're trying to force a definition of "nerd" that supports your own point of view, a la "No true Scotsman".

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 346

My musician friends spend a lot on practice space, either in their home or a shared rental. A basement around here costs at least $1500/mo which would be super hard to make up in gigs. Depending on specifics you can spend thousands on instruments/equipment and it requires maintenance or gets stolen.

Many people don't think of their practice space as costing money, but it does. I converted a basement jam space into an apartment, get $2k/mo for it and sent the people using it to a shared space that is only $500/month. They rarely clear that btw.

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

Seems like it at my parish. Of course, with the way the folk group bounces between Latin, Spanish, Tagalog, English, and all the others in Malo, Malo; you'd never miss Whoopi.

We've had some seriously tense discussions at my parish over a couple of Archbishop Sample's recent radio shows on the subject of Sacred Music in the Liturgy- especially seeing how often Dan Schutte features in the 8:30 Mass (yes, complete with the hymn he ripped off from My Little Pony).

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

If I go on Matthew Kelly's extensive research, 7%.

Of course, his definition of a Dynamic Catholic is rather extreme. A Dynamic Catholic to him is one who prays, studies, is generous, and evangelizes. Belief isn't enough for him. It's all about what happens after the Mass is over.....and you'd better be praying more than one hour a week as well.

Matthew Kelly's research is pretty darn close to what ends up in the collection basket- 8% of those in a Roman Catholic Parish give 95% of the budget.

The rest, given something Archbishop Sample said he really hates, are the ones there to listen to the band, and you can tell by their applause.

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