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Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

I could be very wrong here, but there may be a reason for having an electric parking brake: a standard (manual) transmission is very effective at stopping your car when in 1st or R, and an automatic transmission is very good when in P. But their electric drivetrain might be very lousy at stopping the car from rolling when switched off, making the parking brake *absolutely essential* when the car is parked. Total speculation of course, but the characteristics of an ICE drivetrain and an electric drivetrain are pretty different.

Comment Re:What's broadcast TV??? (Score 2) 71

For those occasional times when I want to watch TV (sports, etc.), it's nice to be able to flip on the TV and get a nice 720 or 1080 picture w/surround sound, zero streaming issues common to "questionable" sources, and pay $0 for it (my "antenna" is a length of speaker wire).

Yes, for all of my actual content it's Netflix, locally stored media, etc.

Comment Re:Its rather exaggerated (Score 1) 63

They say '12PB' of durability for the 375GB part but refuse to tell us how much overprovisioning they do. They say '30 drive writes per day' without tellling us what the warrenty will be.

Those numbers (12.3PB) work out to be very nearly 3 years, for what it's worth -- perhaps (???) there's a 3-year warranty or something (or expected lifetime).

Comment Re:I don't want to see more of what I want to see. (Score 1) 97

I don't see how reducing this to thumbs up/down is going to help that in any way.

More engagement -- "thumbs got 200% more ratings than the traditional star-rating feature." Anecdotally, I often finish a show and don't rate it, as I find myself wondering if I "just" liked (disliked) it, or if I REALLY liked (disliked) it -- but a binary choice is often pretty obvious for me.

That said, I think it's often best to use some third-party tools/blog posts/friends/etc. for determining what to watch.

Comment Re:Hah, joke's on them (Score 2) 101

Joking aside, it looks like this is the reason Google was singled out:

Investigators ran an image search of the account holder's name on Google and found the photo used on the forged passport. Other search engines did not turn up the photo.

According to the warrant application, Lindman said he had reason to believe the suspect used Google to find a picture of the person they believed to be the account holder.

Comment Re:Ah, tubes (Score 1) 48

Ok, I know this is all in jest anyway, but I have to stick up for my baby, an ST-70 tube amp (I think mine is from the 60s -- got it for free a while back, just needed new filter caps).

I absolutely agree that with good designs, a SS amplifier can outperform a tube-based one -- but it really has to be a good design! My old tube amp can be competitive with modern gear (+/- 0.5dB vs. +0/-1dB over the audible for this modern guy). And the distortion (IMD, not the usual THD) is not unreasonable either (similar to the THD of this guy, although the exact test setup is unclear).

And the noise floor is good (rated at better than 90dB below rated power) -- though this is all anecdotal, when I plug in my desktop's internal audio directly to the amp, I get a very slight hum, but this completely goes away when I go through a nice DAC (which is obviously SS!). But yes, if I actually have to pay for the thing, I'll go SS every time :)

Comment Re:Nuclear (Score 4, Insightful) 172

Except the US has a *lot* of land, a hefty chunk of which gets a lot of sun and has little development, yet is still relatively close to major metropolitan areas (namely Los Angeles, but add in Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc. for good measure). Additionally, solar (and to an extent wind) can be deployed on very small scales, making decentralized power generation feasible in certain areas (currently not legal with nuclear, though an RTG might do well in Alaska...).

I'm all for nuclear as a source of clean energy, but having multiple sources of clean/renewable energy is a Good Thing.

Comment Re:More political FUD from the new world order (Score 3, Insightful) 87

One of the primary differences, though, is that you choose to get into a car, or to put on/not put on sunscreen/etc.

Second-hand smoke, air pollution, etc., are unavoidable in some areas (and "move to the middle of an uninhabited swath of land" isn't really a viable option for some people). It's the difference between getting bit by your own dog and getting bit by someone else's.

Comment Re:Compression won't solve buffering. (Score 1) 67

Tangentially related, it's rather infuriating that (at least on a Chromecast) going back 30 seconds requires re-buffering. Perhaps, as you say, this is due to content protection reasons.

In any event, it makes missing a bit of dialog a frustrating experience -- I'd love a "skip back ten seconds and turn on subtitles temporarily" button, with all the content already buffered...

Comment Re:It also reduces automated trolling (Score 1) 185

The questions appear to be pretty straight-forward fact retrieval, at least on this example (translated via Google):

Breulykken in 1986 occurred at

Briksdalbreen, Nigardsbreen, Folgefonna

OQLT means

Origo Query Language Toolkit, Oscar Question Language Tool, Origo Question Lookup Tool

National Library Assessment Report states

Stored and archived, Norwegian Historical recordings, In living memory

That said, exhausting all possible responses is pretty easy (and it appears that these are the only questions after F5'ing a few times), so this should be easy to brute force, but hopefully it'll weed out those who haven't R'd TFA.

Comment Patent dedicated to public (Score 3, Informative) 65

According to this:

Asked today about EFF's criticisms of the patent, an IBM spokesperson said that "IBM has decided to dedicate the patent to the public."

So, while I absolutely think this is a stupid patent, a) I'd rather this outcome than a true patent troll get it, and b) the problem (as I see it...) is really with the patent system, NOT with IBM.

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