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Comment Re:How galaxies are disappearing from our universe (Score 2) 174

Yep. From the article:

"And while no galaxy has literally disappeared to the point where it's invisible, 97% of them have disappeared in the sense that they're unreachable to us, and that the light they're emitting today will never reach us. The galaxies are still visible, but only due to their old light."

They're not disappearing from THE universe, they're disappearing from OUR universe.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong. (Score 1) 153

I don't. And since everyone is just spouting opinions I'll add mine. We've been messing with the food supply too much. We're consuming vast quantities of starch and stuff sweetened with corn syrup and who knows what else. I think we might be engineering our way into bad health.

Also, and this is not a character flaw, I don't think people are honest with themselves about how much sugary stuff they consume. I've been thin all my life (for various reasons, not the least of which is a physically active lifestyle) but I went through a period where I was hanging out with some guys who went to the vending machines every afternoon. I ended up eating a lot of candy and I put on 10+ pounds in no time. The great thing was that I realized what was going on and stopped eating any sugary stuff and the weight dropped right back off.

At work I see people who talk about wanting to lose weight and yet get ice cream every day. It's not a character flaw, but it is a choice. If it's not important to you I'm OK with that. We all have our priorities.

Comment Re:Uh, simple (Score 1) 246

"No politician in this universe wants to be the one who willfully signs the death certificates of highly trained, highly intelligent and skilled people."

I don't know why. They usually have no problem sending large numbers of people to their deaths. All we need to do is convince them that there are probably terrorists on Mars and it'll be a done deal.

Comment Re:don't use biometrics (Score 2) 328

" you KNOW how many laws there are at the Federal, State, County, and municipal level there are on the books..."

That's not even the end of it. If the federal government decides they want to persecute you badly enough they will figure out a TREATY that you somehow violated.

Comment Re:What did you expect.. (Score 1) 144

"The short version: If you're not forced to skip meals and not forced to sweat your ass off just to put food on the table, you're going to have a surfeit of calories, and neither your metabolism or hunger mechanism got the memo."

In the 1950s the US was not in the dark ages. We did not have to sweat our butts off just to put food on the table. We enjoyed a huge wave of prosperity. And yet, as a nation we were thinner.

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