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Comment Not revolutionary, but I won't turn it down (Score 1) 344

I like that they used Linux for the demo. That means they probably have a window manager ready to go (i.e., I won't have to wait for Microsoft to adopt it). When it comes out, all I'll have to do is "emerge 10-gui" (oh, and buy the hardware) to try it out.

Speaking of which, the hardware had better not be too expensive. That would kill it.

I don't think I like their linear window management idea. I like that I can arrange windows to overlap on a 2D space, and access them with a single click, or Alt+Tab in 1-D fashion. It seems better to me than manually scrolling through all my open windows.

Oh, and attaching the touch surface to the place where I rest my wrists to type? No. Just no. That's the dumbest idea ever.

Comment Re:other potential things (Score 4, Interesting) 433

Science fiction and fantasy are both thought experiments of the form: if the rules (or the state of things) were different in this way, what would happen.

Some Science Fiction writers like to suggest or imply that the state of the world or the rules might possibly change in the way that they describe, and therefore serve as an explicit warning/encouragement pointing out the good or bad that could come of such a change.

Fantasy tends to use metaphor and parallel to make this same sort of point.

If there are no real rules, and anything can happen, this is called "deus ex machina", and it's pretty lame.

Comment Re:a site that uses nothing but OpenID (Score 1) 333

I've been doing this from the beginning, and it works quite well and quite simply.

I use my blog URL as the login (, and MyOpenID as the delegate (

It doesn't require my own webserver (though I've got one of those too--but it doesn't have the uptime, nor do I have the inclination to maintain OpenID on it). All it required me to do was insert a line into the HTML of my blog template which redirected OpenID to my page at MyOpenID. If I ever want to change providers, I simply change which site my blog points to.

Most of your complaints stem from an ignorance of how the system works, which, admittedly, is the Achilles' heel of OpenID: user education.


Submission + - Orson Scott Card: Video Games, Ender's Game Movie (

burndive writes: Gaming Today has posted an exclusive interview with science fiction/fantasy author Orson Scott Card:

"In this interview, Orson Scott Card reveals a progress update for the upcoming "Ender's Game" film, brand-new information regarding plans for video games based on the beloved "Ender's Saga" series of novels, and his thoughts on the current gaming industry."

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