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Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 157

Then you'll have a bunch of space launch companies with no work to do other than launching private satellites...although without regulation in space, maybe they'll also launch autonomous space fighters to attack competing satellites and defend their own. And then we'll have Kessler syndrome and the whole space launch business will shut down. And then everyone will have to buy flaming space junk insurance for their homes and cars.

Maybe the space junk insurance industry will be bigger than the space launch industry and Trump could play that as an economic win?

Comment Image processing (Score 1) 111

When I started my PhD in image processing, I was given an 80-column, 24-line text terminal to the department microVax (approximately 1 MIP, shared between about 40 people). I was lucky, and got one of the good ones, it had an amber phospher :)

Seriously, the only place to see the results of the algorithm was on a shared display downstairs in the lab - which was in high demand. I ended up doing a lot of terminal-style graphs (mine wasn't a tektronix terminal, so I only had text-like characters) to prove an algorithm worked before actually seeing it.

And now I look at the technological ability of my freaking phone, and I wonder at just how far things have come in 30 years or so...

Comment Re:Trump helping himself out again (Score 1) 272

Did you read this part?

"You bet your life that it is (a conflict)," Norman Ornstein, a political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute, said of defunding the Energy Star program. He agrees with Energy Star's contention that the ratings can affect the value of a property.

If that isn't clear enough, no more energy star ratings = no more property value negatives to Trump's hotels being horrible energy-wasting shitboxes (one tower he owns that was finished in 2009 scored 9 out of 100!).

Comment Re:Baddly worded summary (Score 3, Insightful) 103

If they are going to produce X/86 desktops then they would be dumb to produce their own motherboard.
Lots of companies already make very good X/86 motherboards for both Intel and AMD. What can they do better? Even if the want to tweak the motherboard OEMs can do that for them.
Now if they intend to build their own motherboards....
Well that could be the death of the company. They would have to compete with people that make good products already.

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