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Comment Re: How hard is it to find emails? (Score 0) 525

Libertarian, too bad you can't find a candidate that isn't a non-interventionalist. Come on, Americans love to meddle. If you can't win this election you should just give up. Disband. Whatever parties do when they are no longer relevant.

Either you don't know what you're talking about, or you're purposely spreading misinformation. I have a lot of issues with Gary Johnson, but he's explicitly stated several times that he's in favor of non-intervention, and wants to cut military spending by 20%. This stance is popular with the troops, as Johnson leads both Clinton & Trump in that demographic.

Comment Re:Will not support, or buy from N. Korea (Score 1) 162

I refuse to support the N. Korean regime at any level. Any growth in their GDP will be redirected to their military. Purchasing the Manbang it tantamount to putting a down payment on a noose; one thread at a time.

Wow, that's quite the courageous stance! How do you deal with the pressure of all of the door-to-door Manbang/other North Korean imports salesmen these days?

Comment some stats (Score 1) 414

This Reuters article has more detailed info. Among U.S.-based tech employees the stats are 3% Hispanic and 1% black, vs. 4% and 2% respectively among Facebook's global workforce. 17% of its global tech employees are women.

As one data point of comparison, here is some demographic data for AP Computer Science test takers in California for the year 2012. Looking at students who take the AP exam may be a good proxy for identifying students who will one day be applying for top-tier positions. Among this group, 7% were Hispanic, 1% were black and 21% were women. If those stats are representative of the pool of top-tier talent in the workforce, then Facebook isn't far off in terms of its hiring of blacks and women. It seems further off with respect to Hispanics. Though, California has a higher-than-usual Hispanic population, so maybe nationally the % of Hispanic AP Exam takers is less than 7.

This article in USA Today also has some stats. They looked at the demographics of CS and CE graduates from "top" U.S. universities. Not sure what "top" means. They claim that 4.5% of such graduates are black, 6.5% are Hispanic. They didn't report on what % were women.

Comment Re:Female CS Grads were only 18%.... (Score 3, Insightful) 414

How in the heck do they expect to get equal numbers of female and male people into programming jobs in the field. It would seem 'equal' hiring would be around 18% of the population of programmers to make it apples to apples. That would indicate 'fair' hiring.

That's easy: hire unqualified candidates.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 2) 414

More proof of systemic racism: even though the white recruiters were given an incentive to hire for diversity, their innate racist tendencies overrode that incentive and they continued to hire cisgender white males.

I know you're being sarcastic, but I have to wonder why race & sex are usually the only criteria for "diversity"? I'd be willing to bet that most tech companies have a much higher proportion of LGBTQXYZ employees & also more atheists. Why aren't things like sexual preference or religious affiliation considered in these statistics?

Comment Re:process per request (Score 1) 671

I recant the part about Apache then, and limit my answer to running Rails in process-per-request mode. Unfortunately the project I work on has a ton of legacy code that's probably not thread-safe, so rather than go through the pain of refactoring it it we've elected to just buy more RAM, i.e. have more instances in the pool.

Comment Re:Clinton smoking gun posts are the worst (Score 1) 399

It would have taken some extreme foresight to plan this out and expect him to secure the GOP nomination on his fact-free platform.

I don't think they were expecting him to get the nomination; that was just a happy accident. The main idea is that he was to get in & appeal to the lowest common denominator, further tarnish the Republican brand, cause a lot of grief for whoever would be the eventual nominee (they were probably expecting Bush), and scare the left to rally behind Hillary.

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