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Comment Re:Company Towns, but on the Internet (Score 0) 470

SV is one huge company town right from the last century. The only thing that is missing is Pinkerton thugs cracking skulls.

This is the logical conclusion of all union-busting that we have done last 25 years. While you might hate unions, the alternative is much worse.

The lack of Pinkerton thugs cracking skulls seems like a much better alternative to the definite presence union thugs cracking skulls...

Comment Re:Inflammatory headline (Score 3, Insightful) 380

A more fitting headline would've been "Happiness is on the wane in developed nations. Which might actually help explain the rise of nationalism in recent elections.

No, you're messing up the narrative! Here's how to spin this: Trump is causing a drop in happiness across the world, especially among Italians and Spaniards, who had such high hopes for Hillary Clinton. Just stick to the narrative, or people might start thinking for themselves.

Comment Re:wrong conclusion (Score 1) 374

the solution is not even more money from the state (and the people via taxes) but to get the government out of it completely and allow the market to self correct

But if they get rid of easy debt, then how are they going to be able to keep producing miseducated youths with no skills applicable to the real world that live out their lives as debt slaves?

Comment Re:Microsoft is winning this in the 2nd Circuit (Score 2) 67

It's not venue-shopping, it's part of the design of our system that the Supreme Court weighs in only after the issue has been litigated in multiple circuits, especially if the circuits are split.

For one thing, if many or all of the circuits agree, there's much less reason to have the Court weigh in. But moreover, it means that the Court can draw on the full record of opinion and reasoning from all the lower courts to better inform their decision.

Comment A general question for the community (Score 3, Interesting) 167

When I first started to buy SSD's for my school, I tried to do some research and quickly became confused about the differences between TLC, MLC, and SLC. I found various sites like this one that gave a good overview, but I didn't find very many that really analyzed the performance differences.

I settled on the Kingston V300 series of disks, an MLC unit that seemed to get decent reviews. It's been treating us well, but I always wonder whether the MLC was worth the extra money over the UV400, a slightly cheaper TLC variant.

Has anyone ever used both MLC and TLC drives and care to comment about whether the differences in performance justify the cost?

Comment Re:Batteries from Nevada to Australia? (Score 1) 274

If these are lithium ion batteries would it be possible to ship them by air given all the shipping restrictions that are placed on lithium ion batteries currently?

The restrictions are on shipping them on passenger airplanes. You can still fly them around on a cargo plane, where the tolerance for risk has always been significantly higher.

Comment Re:Lots of work to do (Score 1) 160

But if you're one of the many of us who actively fight being tracked, we're going to be relegated to second-hand internet user thanks to Google's monopoly.

Whatever happened to you happened because the owner of the site chose to use ReCaptcha as a tool to prevent bots. You have no right to insist that a particular website cater a particular user experience to you -- if you don't like it, you can go elsewhere.

And what monopoly are we talking about here? There's certainly no monopoly on plugins to detect bots, there are dozens. Google might (probably even) have a monopoly on search, but that's hardly relevant to the captcha story. . .

Comment Re:Get rid of it by tomorrow. (Score 0) 421

A pay gap does not exist if men and women are receiving equal pay for similar work.

Yes and no. Overt discrimination probably isn't at play if men and women are receiving equal pay for similar work. A pay gap may still exist, and may still be something we want to address. For instance, perhaps men and women generally aren't engaged in "similar work" because women are socially conditioned from a young age not to pursue certain fields? Perhaps men and women aren't engaged in "similar work" because women bear the brunt of child bearing and child rearing and we're doing very little to mitigate the effect those things have on women's ability to work? Etc.

Another thing to note is that it may not be the case that men and women are receiving equal pay for similar work. The efforts I've seen that adjust for profession, experience, years out of the work force, etc. show a persistent ~5% advantage for men. That's smaller than the number usually bandied about in the popular media, but it's not nothing.

Comment Re:Frist pocporn psot (Score 1) 421

It's a humorous performance, but I've seen it too many times before. Like, every other time a story like this comes up on Slashdot. Which is about 2-3 times a year. The butthurt is strong when it comes to efforts to boost women in STEM, anything having to do with age discrimination in tech, and anything to do with H1B Visas and/or outsourcing.

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