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Comment Re:Austin 16 minute commute? (Score 1) 253

Mine is 10 minutes. Live at approximately 2222 & Mopac. Work at approximately 183 and Oak Knoll. In the morning all the traffic is inbound and I'm outbound. In the afternoon it's the opposite. That said, I pay a premium to live where I do. If I lived in Cedar Park my commute might be worse.

Comment Re:Get rid of it by tomorrow. (Score 0) 421

A pay gap does not exist if men and women are receiving equal pay for similar work.

Yes and no. Overt discrimination probably isn't at play if men and women are receiving equal pay for similar work. A pay gap may still exist, and may still be something we want to address. For instance, perhaps men and women generally aren't engaged in "similar work" because women are socially conditioned from a young age not to pursue certain fields? Perhaps men and women aren't engaged in "similar work" because women bear the brunt of child bearing and child rearing and we're doing very little to mitigate the effect those things have on women's ability to work? Etc.

Another thing to note is that it may not be the case that men and women are receiving equal pay for similar work. The efforts I've seen that adjust for profession, experience, years out of the work force, etc. show a persistent ~5% advantage for men. That's smaller than the number usually bandied about in the popular media, but it's not nothing.

Comment Re:Frist pocporn psot (Score 1) 421

It's a humorous performance, but I've seen it too many times before. Like, every other time a story like this comes up on Slashdot. Which is about 2-3 times a year. The butthurt is strong when it comes to efforts to boost women in STEM, anything having to do with age discrimination in tech, and anything to do with H1B Visas and/or outsourcing.

Comment Re:Get rid of it by tomorrow. (Score 2) 421

The article is talking about the gap that exists because of reduced hours, child birth, different professions, etc. That's what it aims to remove/reduce. It's also not entirely accurate to say that those factors fully explain the gap. Granted they account for most of it, but about 5-6% remains unexplained. Links here and here.

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