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Comment Re:Uh-huh (Score 3, Informative) 70

Bell 206 BIII chopper, pilot plus 4 passengers with a Rolls Royce Allison turbine engine. According to the specs, it can take 4 passengers 100 miles in 50 minutes at a fuel usage of around 40 gallons.

Compare that to a VW Bluemotion with a claimed efficiency of 60 mpg, and a probable real world traffic efficiency of 45 mpg. So real world 100 mile journey would be say 2.2 gallons and a 110 minute journey. If each passenger in the chopper did the journey seperately, then you're still only looking at 10 gallons of fuel compared to the 40 gallons for the Bell.

And that doesn't take into account the capital cost of a $400000 chopper versus a $40000 car.

Comment Re:dumbasses (Score 1) 82

It's a vulnerability created by the intense desire to have an app control the switch via a remote server. For whatever brain-damaged reason, the app can't talk straight to the device, it has to go via the manufacturer's servers, and they do it via unencrypted channels that can be sniffed.

That's what is going to kill us all, IoT devices that in order to switch on something, or change a pretty colour or anything, have to go to the bloody cloud to do it.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 2) 637

I would say there's a difference between the two comments, directed attack against an individual versus a general attack, and one that is read as a joke these days, against the GOP as a whole.

What would be telling is if you posted something like "DEM party is a communist miser bastard party." and see what that gets you.

Or try "Trump deserves prison for stealing from college students.".

Gotta align the statements to claim the difference in behavior. I suspect the same reactions from the same sites as you got will happen, but who knows.

Comment Re:Take that dark matter! (Score 5, Informative) 105

The missing mass is at a galactic level, not at the universe level. Stars in the galaxies, including our own, are moving too fast in their orbits around the galactic core to not shoot off into the space between galaxies if only visible matter is assumed to account for the gravity of each galaxy holding the stars in their orbits.

Other than the gravitation of each galaxy required to be 1000% of what the visible matter contributes, nothing we do to the existing formulas for gravity can account for it without changing the entire dynamics of the universe to something that doesn't match the observations.

The source for the missing 90% gravity isn't visible as stars, dust, planets, gas etc and we've coined the term dark matter as a category to describe this source.

These new dim galaxies cannot contribute to the dark matter as it is required in the structure of all galaxies. It might assist with understanding inflation as that is a universe-wide effect.

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