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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 4, Insightful) 1004

It might also be the behavior of a leadership trying to distract its citizens from realizing there are severe internal economic problems by pointing at the nasty, evil outside world threatening their way of life, and the leaders need to do things to stop the threat.

Hmm, now where have I heard that before....

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 1) 185

To be honest, when I'm asked to summarise, e.g. in meetings, I struggle immensely because I don't see that you can sum up anything that easily without just providing opinion rather than fact. "So what's best, X or Y?" "Well...". I can give an impartial, fact-based, long answer. But if you want one or the other it will be opinion unless the answer is blindingly obvious. And your opinion may differ.

The thing is that the simple answer is fact, not opinion, as well. If someone wants a short answer and only a short answer, then they are implicitly trusting that you are aware of the detailed facts and are trusting you to make the decision for them. And that you can back up that decision if needed. Sometimes they will disagree with you and that's when the why? comes next, but if they agree with you, a lot of time has been saved not going over the details.

As to trusting opinions, if I've been working with you for a while, I am already aware of your knowledge and understanding and have decided to trust you if the question falls into the scope of awareness. Unless proven otherwise, your knowledge has been proved to me already and I don't need to be convinced any further.

It's an odd thing in human communication, and those people that are on the autistic spectrum can find it hard to understand, but most people are good at working with summaries and partial knowledge updates. If fact A, B and D haven't changed, then you only need the changes to C to catch up to the current state.

Think of it like a diff patch rather than getting the whole source file again when you already have most of it.

Take it this way in future, if they only want a yes/no answer and they accept it from you, they TRUST you and RESPECT your decision and knowledge. It's a good thing.

Comment R&D versus production (Score 3, Insightful) 114

In before someone comments that they can't do R&D while simultaneously sorting out the recent problems with the Falcon 9.

People can multitask, companies even more so. If they were still blowing up every vehicle on the pad, then maybe they'd have a point, but their systems are certainly working better than other programs at their stage of evolution.

Comment Re:Encode as ASCII (Score 3, Insightful) 125

The major problem your concept would cause is the massive increase in CPU load required to process text instead of simple bit masks, it may not matter for processing a couple of requests a second, but a core router handles trillions of packets and the text comparison process would require massive CPU capacity.

IP address space was designed for very rapid and low processor load bit masking to do route matching. To decide whether a route applies to an address, the netmask is applied to get rid of the more specific parts of the address and reduce the comparison to a simple equality operation.

We see IP addresses as a string of period separated numbers, but the address is the whole 8 byte number as a whole.

Additionally, your concept prevents the multiple path topology of the internet that results in the high resilience to damage we all know and love. Your system results in a single path into any domain space and that domain space is an invisible blob to the rest of the world.

Comment Re:Analog Hole (Score 3, Insightful) 495

Problem with that argument is that in order to so, a totally digital audio reproduction path is needed, with digital all the way to the voice coil or peizo plate in the speaker. Video can be replaced since digital LCD panels can use proprietary drivers to switch individual pixels and capturing that requires capturing the light and colour from each pixel element. Until someone can invent a non-electrially driven sound element, capturing that single electrical signal is a simple task, even if it means sacrificing a pair of Beatz (oh the Horror!!!)

Comment Re:aggression inevitable? (Score 2) 243

South African here, we actually dismantled our nuclear weapons program well before apartheid ended in 1994, it was only announced then once the international inspectors were allowed in. I think the end of the program started in 1988 and took two years to complete.

Officially it was ended to build peace and stability in the region after the end of the Angolan war, but there are whispers in the air that it was done to prevent the ANC from getting their hands on WMDs and possibly selling them on to the highest bidder.

Comment Re:Uh-huh (Score 3, Informative) 70

Bell 206 BIII chopper, pilot plus 4 passengers with a Rolls Royce Allison turbine engine. According to the specs, it can take 4 passengers 100 miles in 50 minutes at a fuel usage of around 40 gallons.

Compare that to a VW Bluemotion with a claimed efficiency of 60 mpg, and a probable real world traffic efficiency of 45 mpg. So real world 100 mile journey would be say 2.2 gallons and a 110 minute journey. If each passenger in the chopper did the journey seperately, then you're still only looking at 10 gallons of fuel compared to the 40 gallons for the Bell.

And that doesn't take into account the capital cost of a $400000 chopper versus a $40000 car.

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