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Comment Re:Infrastructure? (Score 1) 727

I have been using Linux since the 90`s. I must have missed the "golden age of FOSS documentation". If anything, its better now that its ever been. I speak from experience when I used to compile packages with 0 information on them or their dependencies. Sometimes I would get lucky and there would be documentation... but they normally came in strange scandinavian languages.

Comment Google don't be evil (Score 1) 155

They should charge money for each take down request as it uses up man hours. They`ll become the richest company in the world if they do that :D Or have a manual process. Where you have to go into a google office and submit the links and no more than 10 links allowed to be submitted by any one person at one time. Hire someone who retired years ago but needs the extra cash to manage the very long queue that will form :D

Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 717

Mr I-hate-mr-bad-evil-government libertarian can build a shitty plastic gun. Wow... that rocks my world! Not. Dude, they got instructions on how to build powerful devastating weapons of mass destruction already on the internet. In a world where the instructions on how to make crystal meths through to how nuclear bomb works... I dont under stand why anyone give a fk about a plastic gun.

This is just libertarian attention whoring.

Comment Re:Gridlocked with No Way to Prime the Pump (Score 1) 438

Complete rubbish. We left the gold standard because countries hoarded it, and it lead to a stagnation in the economy called The Great Depression. Countries that left the gold standard later than others took longer to fix their economies. Instead of judging the worth of a country on one metal. It is now based on a whole host of factors like stock market, value of all currencies, farming production, etc etc. This is the fiat system.

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