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Comment Re:Enter the pedant... (Score 2) 96

Dear Mr Old and Obnoxious astronomer, please take note that tele doesn't refer to the visible spectrum of light, nor does it refer to electromagnetic radiation. It is a prefix coming from the Greek word tele meaning far.

The second part of the word, scope, is derived from the Latin and Greek words scopium and skopein meaning to look at

So the combined word telescope means to look at far/distant, nothing more, nothing less, and that is why we have optical telescopes (for optical distant viewing), radio telescopes (for distant radio viewing) and so forth.

So while you are correct that MeerKAT is a radio interferometer, as is any observing system using multiple imagers, it is a telescope as it is looking at distant objects.

Comment Re: Seen this before... (Score 2) 83

The IP68 specification describes an 8 for water penetration resistance as being able to take submersion in between 1m and 10m water depth (depth to be specified by the manufacturer) for 30 minutes. Samsung specifies 5 feet in their documentation.

There is one possible problem with the Consumer Reports test, they talk about pressurizing a water tank to 2.12 PSI to simulate 5 foot of water. The issue arises if they are measuring the pressure of the air being used to pressurize the tank and not the resultant pressure at bottom of the tank.

If the tank is 1 foot deep and you pressurize the surface to 2.12 PSI, then the resultant pressure will be equivalent to the 1 foot actual depth plus the 5 foot simulated depth because the static head pressure is still present unless you're in zero g.

If they aren't measuring the pressure from the bottom of the tank, then they've tested the phone beyond the rated depth.

Comment Re:Almost 20% of Bolivia is malnourished... (Score 2) 317

The idea isn't for the chickens to be eaten, it's to bootstrap a chicken farm for the person in their local area. So you'd probably get 10 hens and 2 cocks and some training on how to feed and farm them for meat, how to get the hens fertilized and laying, then how to hatch and raise the chicks. It's an attempt to get a self-sufficient cycle going. How good an idea or how feasible it might be is left to your discernment.

Comment Re:This CAN'T be serious (Score 1) 281

Having the mark become ubiquitous in language like those examples is different from having other companies using the mark in their product names even if ubiquitous.

You don't see Minolta or Panasonic selling xerox machines, they sell copiers, other search engines aren't called Google even though the people use googling instead of searching.

Jacuzzi manufactures whirlpool baths and hot-tubs, as do other companies. But they don't sell them as Jacuzzi's.

Installers, rental or repair shops might use the mark in general meaning because it is a common word in the populace, e.g. you go and rent a jet-ski. It might not be a Kawasaki and what you might get is a Yamaha watercraft, but it won't have Jet-Ski on it, it will have WaveRunner.

Having the mark become ubiquitous in conversation isn't an abandonment of the mark and the company will still be able to defend against commercial misuse of the mark by other companies.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 2) 220

LIGO is detecting the gravitational storm that happens when two black holes, each 10-30 times the mass of the sun, actually collide and merge. Standalone black holes shouldn't generate gravity waves unless disturbed by something massive close by.

Orbital binary systems should generate gravity waves, but those would be a couple of orders of magnitude less powerful than two colliding black holes and LIGO isn't sensitive enough to detect those out of the noise.

Comment Re:Absurd! (Score 1) 134

Then they get back to their futures and find everyone is making time machines based on their patents which expired in 1804 after the single 14 year term.

I wouldn't want to figure out the exact date and time to file to be able to block an alternate invention while having enough time left on my patent to commercialize it.

Comment Re:I don't think so (Score 5, Insightful) 172

Browsers and Bittorrent clients report download speeds in kilobytes or megabytes per second, this site reports download speed in megabits per second. 1 megabyte per second is around 8 to 9 megabits per second given overheads. Your 5 megabit/s line will reflect in the browser as 600 kilobytes per second, so the site is confirming your experiences.

Comment Not NaCl (Score 2) 99

The salts in question are perchlorates, not NaCl, so they may not have the white colour expected of NaCl crystals. In addition to the colour of the crystals, other contaminants like fine dust, trace iron salts (of which there might be a great deal if not the actual perchlorate salt) and other chemicals might serve to discolour the new crystals even further.

Comment Re:"Insane" NTP servers (Score 1) 106

Interestingly enough, CentOS 6, and therefore probably RHEL 6, has a ntpdate startup service as well as an ntpd startup service. As suggested by the name, the ntpdate service executes the ntpdate cli to force a full time sync with the servers in ntpd.conf.

That isn't there in CE5. And at least it is off by default, but someone decided it was a good thing to force a time resync at boot.

IOS probably followed this model for some reason.

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