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Comment All communication is monitored (Score 4, Interesting) 186

There is literally no way you can communicate with another person where you can be assured that your communication is not monitored. Even face-to-face communication in code is compromised, if the other party is compromised. Cell phones only work by collecting a lot of data about the caller and the caller's recipient. If CBS is only now figuring out that D.C. is a hotbed of cell data leakage, they are fantastically bad at their jobs.

Comment Re:In your face Betteridge! (Score 4, Interesting) 498

In the goal of increased security, it's exceedingly unlikely that a larger bank is storing anything password related in plain text. Banks are beyond that stuff these days. Procedures and software are audited, etc etc - nobody but mom and pop sites would be able to fly under the radar of the harm to reputation that would occur if it turned out that your bank passwords were being stored in plaintext.

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