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Comment Re:Pathetic... (Score 2) 1008

Last time I checked, the competition for jobs at Apple Stores was pretty fierce. If they're not getting a fair wage, then they should quit and get another retail job. And if they economy is bad and they can't find another job, then they should be happy about their current job and not complain. And if they don't like working retail then they should study for a new career that's higher paying. The people working in the retail store don't have anything to do with Apple making billions of dollars per year. (Yeah, sure, Apple needs retail staff, but like I said, if every single Apple Retail employee quit today, Apple could have the jobs all filled by tomorrow, and in two weeks the store's sales would be the same as they are today.)

Comment Wasn't this app obvious? (Score 0) 549

An app that does wireless syncing for iTunes is pretty obvious. Sure, Apple didn't have it before... but come on.. it's not like that dude invented the concept. And for the name.. it's called "Wi-Fi Sync." I mean if all the Apple Haters out there think that Apple's use of the term "App Store" is too generic because it describes what it is and therefore not trademarkable, then doesn't that also apply to an app that does wi-fi sync which is called "Wi-Fi Sync?" Congrats to the developer for selling so many copies via Cydia, and certainly there's a market to make and sell features that Apple hasn't made yet. But you can't possibly think that Apple got the idea and the name from this guy.

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