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Comment Re:Passing on Viruses (Score 2) 396

"In my experience, Mac users are even more irresponsible then clueless Windows users. They think they are magically protected, which means they will ignore obvious signs of infection till the very end."

Considering I could count the number of Mac "viruses" (Trojan horses) in the wild on one hand, I must wonder: how many data points does your "experience" consist of?

Comment Wrong link in TFS? (Score 1) 86

When I clicked on the first link, I got a preview "article" titled "Sign in to read: brain asymmetry eases hypnotic trance". What relation does this have to the summary? On another site, I would ascribe this to a foolish error, but I'm sure the editors at Slashdot would never allow such a mistake to happen.

Comment Re:Translation of the translation (Score 1) 156

If they object, why haven't they and their staff managed to come up with a proposal of their own?

She did come up with (or at least co-sponsor) a proposal: the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009.

What research did you do before posting this opinion? Reading Eshoo's wiki page or a basic search would have brought up the very bill you like to pretend doesn't exist.

Comment Redaction is WikiLeaks' Responsibility (Score 1) 1

Assange often responds to criticisms like this by blaming the groups for not helping him redact information. However, it's the sole responsibility of the organization releasing the information to ensure its content will not violate human rights. If Wikileaks did not have the time or resources to redact the names of Afghan civilians when they released the information, they should have waited until they did.

Comment Gender Bias (Score 1) 43

Interesting that the top 3 winning games portray women as victims of male aggression, while studies report that teenage girls are more likely to inflict physical violence on boys than the converse:

a consistent but counterintuitive finding is that female adolescents inflict more physical violence than male adolescents, with female perpetration rates ranging from 28% to 33% in contrast to male perpetration rates ranging from 11% to 20% (Foshee, 1996; Malik et al, 1997; O’Keefe, 1997).


Comment Re:Well, if you can't compete... (Score 2, Insightful) 75

The United States continues to lead in nobel prizes and university-level education and research as well as these measures of innovation and technological achievement.

I'm curious which metrics you used to come to your conclusion that "[a]ll innovation will take place elsewhere, as it largely is already."

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