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Comment Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Although none of those definitions explicitely implies a fiat currency would be necessary, I wonder how one would pracically conceive "corporately owned" means of production or "accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market" with no fiat currency...

One can conceive a market economy with no fiat currency, based on barter. Capitalism implies another scale, and a fiat currency allows for such a bigger scale to be achieved.

I stand by my point.

Comment Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

> Capitalism doesn't require faith in the banking system. It doesn't require a banking system. It doesn't even require money. Capitalism could exist in a barter-based economy.

No. With no fiat currency, there's no real possibility to assemble large companies owned by lots of owners (that's capitalism per se).

You are mixing the concepts of market economy with those of capitalism.

Submission + - Would you like to watch new planets forming? ( 1

boule75 writes: No: This is not an artist's view as those we are accustomed to see when scientists speack of protoplanets disks, where planets are breed. What is displayed here is an actual would-be star, a very young one, around which planets are agregating now. It is only 1 million years old, and never seen pictures of the processes are, only 450 years old, are acquired by ESA Southern Observatory in Chile.

Comment Eagerly awaiting for the police... (Score 0) 695

... to investigate the theft.

Now: which police? You mean there's no police force, no traceability whatsoever in the beautifull bitcoin world? Nodoby will ever run after the bad guys? Is at least anyone sure that Mt. Gox Ceo hasn't fled with the stolen coins in a pocket? Too bad there's no state to guarantee anything there.

So I'll invent something new! For a small amount collected on each transaction, I promise I shall setup "bitcoin cop". Of course its use will be mandatory for all bitcoin users and enforced through closed source addons to the free client. And centralized too.

It won't cost much! I accept dollars or Euros to provide this service. Thanks for your attention, and your money.

P.S.: do not worry for all those cumbersome extradition and cross-border investigation procedures: bitcoin world does not care, neither do we! And send me the money, please, a modest 10% transaction feee will provide insurance :

Comment Re:Gendarmerie is not THE national law enforcement (Score 5, Informative) 183

The situation is a bit peculiar : - both the Police Nationale and the Gendarmerie report to the Ministère de l'Interieur. But Gendarmes retain a military status while Policiers are civilians: some differences in duties and in pay, but a strong difference on rights: les gendarmes are not allowed to go on strike or to publicly profess political preferences (as all soldiers here) while les policiers can do both. - both forces have elite counter-terrorism teams, altough the most renowed one belongs to the Gendarmerie (GIGN). And both forces are requested to work together if need be, and regularly train together. As for the police : Windows on the desktop, 80% Linux in the datacenters, with some AIX and windows.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

I mostly agree.

Some believed or hoped that they would be less discriminated because they would have acquired this "right". But the fact is that anybody still distinguishes between "mariage" and "gay mariage", the former being related to the cult of fertility, and the later to "two consenting adults living together until divorce or death".

The atheists have just robbed the word in France too, and they have gained no respect for it, just the contrary. How sad.

P.S. : in France one has to "mary" by the mayor before being allowed to be maried in Church if one chooses so, and since the late 18th century.

Comment Could someone please provide the same service... (Score 2) 317

... for paid DVDs?

I cannot help but feeling pissed of each time I buy one film and am forced to endure minutes of ads against pirating (But I even paid the bloody thing!) or for films I will not see or for violent films when the DVD contains a cartoon for the kids.

And have you noticed all those films on the walls for things you do not want nor ear about? They have been flourishing in Paris lately. They catch your eyes, because your eyes will look at moving things, however hard you try to ignore them. The ad industry has become a sheer nuisance.

Meanwhile, as a subscriber, I am not so sure the move is smart, especially since it would be activated by default (one has to reboot the box to upgrade the firmware, and I do it twice a year or so, haven't done it yet).
I do accept some dose of advertisement on sites, but no flash by default, Flashblock is my friend. That suffices me up to now. Manwhile, I would appreciate Porn blocking, by default. All ads? Perhaps too bold a move.

Comment Re:Is It One of Those Laws Where Everyone is Guilt (Score 1) 402

Not just the far right.

He strangely but really generates fanacism among his supporters, suppress their brain and have them vote for him. Very strange to witness first handedly. And quite frightening.

The heavy use of so called "sondages qualitatifs" (quality-driven polls ?) has surely something to do with it. Never has a president so much relied on them: he just chooses a somewhat homegeneous audience and delivers a targetted message to them, one that will suit them very well. After that, he can nearly say what he wants on other matters, they will vote for him.

#1 target group: old people, do not really know anything about the Internet, feel frightened, think the young guys of their time were better. They vote for him much more than the average Frenchman. To put it another way: it just work.

Comment Re:It is not the french which should be reminded (Score 1) 402

Not all French politic personnel is equal. Mitterand, or Jospin, of even Chirac, independently of what you think of them, have not spent all their time in power to create or amend a law each time someting nasty occured. And many current opponents to Sarkozy would not do that either. I bet even tightwing députés are fed up with so many laws. Most of Sarkozy's laws have never been enacted, by the way: neither French administration nor even Sarko's own governement can cope with such an amount of baddly written (and badly thought) laws.

Do not put all politicians in the same bag please.

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