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Submission + - Would you like to watch new planets forming? ( 1

boule75 writes: No: This is not an artist's view as those we are accustomed to see when scientists speack of protoplanets disks, where planets are breed. What is displayed here is an actual would-be star, a very young one, around which planets are agregating now. It is only 1 million years old, and never seen pictures of the processes are, only 450 years old, are acquired by ESA Southern Observatory in Chile.

Submission + - Dying bees: a new nail in the coffin (

boule75 writes: Mr. Sylvestre Huet compiles (fr) the results of a French study (us) concerning the combined effects of parasites and insecticides on bees.

Considered alone, those insecticides are somewhat innocuous for the bees. But for bees already affected by Nosema ceranae, even a very low dose of fipronil or thiaclopride appears to be deadly. And since changing the molecule does not change the result, it may prove difficult to find suitable insecticides to save bees.

As if one bane was not enough, Asian hornets (fr) are invading south-western France and hunting bees along their path...

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