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Comment Re:You have the right to remain silent (Score 2) 118

I suggest you use it. There is never anything to gain from talking to the police. Ever. The idea of the policeman as keeper of the peace is dead in Canada as one by one rights in the charter are ignored "for the public good".

Fortunately the right to remain silent is still valid.

True, there is a possibility that in talking to the police you will inaccurately draw some suspicion towards yourself.

However, the stronger possibility is that you will accurately direct some suspicion towards the guilty party, and perhaps prevent future crimes.

I, for one, believe in motives other than pure self-interest.

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 3, Informative) 220

And that is assuming it's a bright object reflecting a LOT of light from a very distant sun. If this thing is dark in color at all, the lumens available out at where they guess it is...

One astrophysicist basically said, IT would be easier to spot a flashlight that is on and pointed at the earth out in the OOORT cloud than to directly observe a planet out there. They need to look for stars that are being occluded and see if we can create a dataset, but if it is beyond the oort cloud, the orbital period may be measured in 1000's of years and will be even hard yet to detect

Comment Re:Told ya (Score 1) 325

There are killer apps. and look at the pebble forums ayou can find all kinds of really cool ideas that people are freely publishing.

Google and Apple prefer to hinder development and force people to pay $99 a year and go through a "you suck and your apps sucks" approval process for the watch ecosystem

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