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Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 343

In other words, "the universe is a simulation" is an unevidenced assertion, much like the multiverse. Yes, there may be some extrapolations of the underlying math that might point in such a direction, but at the moment, it's simply a cool-sounding idea with absolutely no experimental evidence at all. Of course, I feel the same way about string theory, though one thing string theory has produced is some pretty useful mathematical tools, so even when a theory is wrong or indemonstrable, it can still be of some use.

The evidence for the multiverse is the math and the theory that implies a multiverse, these theory have been tested and will continued to be tested in ways designed to break them. What's lacking is a way to test the multiverse hypothesis in a way that separates it from other hypothesis. But that's not a fundamental issue with the concept, just the current state of our science.

The evidence for living in a simulation is... the existence of extremely primitive computers. There's no evidence that computers could be powerful enough to simulate reality, nor are there characteristics of the universe that imply a simulation. There's no real reason to think we're living in a simulation other than it's a fun idea.

Worse than that the theory is unfalsifiable, for any test I construct to see if we are in a simulation you can simply reply that the simulation was designed to take that into account. Even if we prove the laws of physics don't allow a computer that could simulate the universe... well you could simply reply that our universe was simulated with different laws of physics.

Comment Re:Why is it a scandal? (Score 1) 67

Would it be a scandal if someone wrote racist graffiti on a bill-board?

This is more like putting a bill-board up next to racist graffiti because you blindly assumed the graffiti was something your customer wanted to be associated with. If your business model is to advertise next to graffiti, you should have some idea about its nature.

Comment Re: Doctors hate us... (Score 1) 179

Not this stupid crap again and has nothing to do with the article but gets said by some crazy poster with a grudge and remembers being cut when they were born.

It's not that a person maintains a memory of being cut - It's that circumcision permanently deadens sensitivity. That comes into play during sex. It that worth giving up so that you don't have to wash your penis? Is that a parent's decision to make?

That said, I don't think it's a case of "only caring about profits" as was implied above. Many parents feel it's exactly their decision to make and proceed to make it long before the owner of the penis in question can voice an opinion. The doctors just go along with the program and typically have their own feelings on the matter that they may or may not share while presenting pros/cons. They're not pushing parents to circumcise to make a buck. Who knows, a mohel might.

Back on-topic, I'd like to see this expanded to look at heroin use - I did RTFA (at least the first 2) and it seems to be beyond their scope. I'm at work, so I'll waste time posting but not digging. Once the high price of black-market pills becomes unbearable, heroin's the next logical step. I know that a portion of prescription opioid abusers turn to heroin, I'd like to know how many heroin users got started on pills. If somebody is going to complain about gateway drugs, this seems like a better focus than pot.

Comment Re:Why are people obsessed with lack of bezels? (Score 4, Informative) 74

Same reason they want thinner and lighter. Because the general public is really stupid and when you market at them properly they will lap it up.

I want a phone that is 2X as thick as available today and has a 4 day battery life. Single day battery life today is only because of stupidity. we should be at the 1 week of battery like we had with the Razr flip phone.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 3, Insightful) 515

What's wrong with being a conspiracy theorist?

Many of the "crackpot" theories regarding the government these "nuts" had over the past 3 decades have been proven to be correct.

I'll challenge your definition of "many" unless you've got a hearty list of examples. And if "many" were right, that means a "shit-load" were wrong. What's wrong with being a conspiracy theorist? Nothing absolutely, conspiracies exist. 9/11 was undoubtedly a conspiracy, but the "theorists" expand that to being a conspiracy involving the U.S. government which is just nonsense. Suggesting collusion between Obama and the Brits to wiretap DJT holds about as much water. Most of these nuts' crackpot theories are just that - Crackpot theories.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 5, Informative) 515

Just because Trvor Noah and Rachel Maddow didnt bother to tell you that doesnt mean it didnt happen.

I'd expand that to Trevor Noah, Rachel Maddow, or anyone else. Nobody has presented any convincing evidence of Trump Tower wiretaps. What "NSA documents" are you referring to - Do you have some kind of special access that the media doesn't?

Comment Re:Pair Programming (Score 1) 231

Not sure "pair programming" qualifies as something every programmer should know. Though perhaps every programmer should know that a few programmers are rather fanatical about it.

Knowing it doesn't mean you need to practise it.

The list is basically a giant list of suggestions and perspectives, not every one is applicable to every situation, but knowing the list means you have a much better chance of knowing the ones that are applicable to your situation.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 4, Insightful) 265

These days I avoid flying if I can. I'd rather drive 10 hours then put up with lines in security, getting molested by the TSA, sitting in a tiny seat in a tin can with a dozen screaming babies and sneezing people...

But, those small seats are why some people can afford to fly. I'd like larger seats, sure - but I'd rather see that solved by the airlines instead of the government sticking their nose into the market yet again.

Imagine this:

Enjoy our spacious, comfortable seats on your flight with a full two feet of leg room. With no children under thirteen, you can be assured that your flight will be completed in peace. We still serve complimentary drinks and snacks and offer free pillows, so you'll be refreshed when you land. Why suffer? Fly NottaCrap Airline for only $100 more. Enjoy the experience. (tm)

They'd have people stampeding to get tickets.

If you're presented with two options for a flight, and one ticket costs $20 less, then you're probably going to buy that ticket.

However, if you got to actually sit in both seats first, and realized that one seat was a little bigger and more comfortable, you might be willing to spend the extra $20.

The problem is that even if you really care about the size and comfort of your airplane seat it's really tough to judge it when you buy the ticket, so the airline has a strong incentive to reduce the price of the ticket by shrinking the seat and using cheaper materials.

I think it's quite possible that consumers never wanted the trade-off of smaller seats for cheaper prices, and if we could have properly evaluated seats at the time of purchase they would have gotten bigger instead.

If the market forces governing airplane seats are broken then it's exactly the kind of scenario where government should step in and regulate.

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