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Comment Re:Oh no that sucks! (Score 1) 379

Per CNN, in 2014 there were about 250,000 illegal immigrants who committed crimes and were either in jail or deported after committing a crime. That represents about 13% of all those in prison. Even though illegal immigrants are about 4% of the total population. So their rate of criminal action to population is about 3 times higher than the average population.

Comment Re:Why would you use batteries? (Score 1) 270

Suitable for rice, but rarely used for commercial crops... And it doesn't work at all for non-flat farmland (which is more common than you think). Sprinkler/impulse is typically used, either with long fixed pipes and heads every 20-40 feet, or one long rotary system with longer spacings on the heads.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 0) 397

Your own link shows "Over tax years 2008 to 2012, all large corporations—profitable and those that reported current year losses—paid 25.9 percent of their pretax net income in U.S. federal income taxes, and 40.1 percent when foreign and state and local taxes are included". I guess a 40% effective tax rate is pretty low, eh? That's from your VERY OWN SOURCE.

Comment Re:How ARM will handle the bloat? (Score 1) 193

Fully agree, in many cases the smallest PIC micro is overkill in terms of storage. But more and more having 1 GB of storage available is becoming less of a constraint for lots and lots of devices. For all of them? No, but I know of more than a few headphones/portable audio devices that contain 1 GB of OS drive and 256MB+ of RAM. IF Windows (and that's a big IF) brings features and functionality to your device that you need, the "limitation" of 400 MB is really not much of a limitation anymore...

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