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Submission + - Falcon 9 Launch appears to have Engine Explosion (

drichan writes: Those of us who watched the live feed of last night's Falcon 9 launch could be forgiven for assuming that everything went according to plan. All the reports that came through over the audio were heavy on the word "nominal," and the craft successfully entered an orbit that has it on schedule to dock with the International Space Station on Wednesday. But over night, SpaceX released a slow-motion video of what they're calling an "anomaly."

Submission + - IOS vs. Android: Which Has The Crashiest Apps? (

creativeHavoc writes: "Forbes author Tomio Geron takes a look at data accrued by mobile app monitoring startup Crittercism. After looking at normalized data of crashes over the various mobile operating system versions he compares crash rates of apps on the two platforms. He also breaks it down further to look how the top apps compare across the competing mobile operating systems. The results may not be what you expect."

Submission + - iPhone App Contains Secret Tethering Capability (

gManZboy writes: "The iOS app iRandomizer Numbers contains an unexpected function: It allows users who enter undocumented codes to create a tethered Internet connection. Thereafter, other nearby computers can join an ad-hoc WiFi network and reach the Internet using the tethered iPhone's cellular data connection.

The app purports to be nothing more than a random number generation tool. But entering "1984" in the minimum field and "31337" in the maximum field--numbers of significance in the hacker community--and tapping the "generate" button reveals a tethering network configuration screen.

Nick Kramer, CEO of Shmoopi, LLC, acknowledged in an email that his app supports tethering. "Reluctantly, I will admit that my application 'iRandomizer Numbers' does have a hidden tethering feature," he wrote. "I say reluctantly because I didn't plan on the feature being released. I designed the tethering functionality for my family and close friends not thinking it would be disseminated outside that circle. ""


Submission + - TSA roving teams, my rights, and your experiences? 2

An anonymous reader writes: "I live in Boston and I have noticed that the TSA performs random security checks at the Copley T and other locations. I routinely travel with a laptop, iPhone, and other gadgetry. What are my rights when asked by one of the TSA agents to "come over here"? Can I say no and proceed with my private business?

What if a police officer says that I "must go over there and cooperate"? Can I say "no thank you" or "where's your warrant?" Like the majority of the population I turn into an absolute shrinking violet when pressured by intimidating authority but I struggle with what I see to be blatant social devolution.

Has anybody out there actual responded, rationally, like above? What were your experiences?"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: mirrorless, interchangeable lens, di (

jehan60188 writes: Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with MILC cameras? I want a camera that's better than my phone, but I don't have the technical knowledge to fully appreciate a DSLR.
I think the MILC style will be a happy compromise, but I'm concerned that it might be all "marketing" and no "technology"
I don't have a lot of demands, but I DO like taking macro shots of things from time to time. Also, my sister is going to china in a few months, so a telefoto lens would probably be good for sight seeing (since I could employ optical zoom instead of the imaginary "digital zoom")

Submission + - Roku Smart Stick - smallest set top box (

symbolset writes: Betanews reports on the new Roku Smart Stick. This is a device the size of a pen drive that plugs into a TV's HDMI port and displays video received over the proposed Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) standard. It should be on display at CES. Devices like this will enable streaming of HD video and app content directly from tablets and phones. The Wiki link has a list of mobile devices that support MHL including the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, and HTC Flyer.

Submission + - Feds Now Plans to Close 1,200 Data Centers (

1sockchuck writes: The U.S. government now expects to shutter at least 1,200 data centers by the end of 2015 in its data center consolidation project. That's about 40 percent of the IT facilities identified in the latest update from federal CIO Steven VanRoekel. The number of government data centers has grown steadily — jumping from 1,100 to 2,094 and now to 3,133 — as the Obama administration has identified more facilities than expected, and expanded the initiative to target telecom closets. The CIO's office says it is on track to close 525 facilities by the end of this year, and has published a list of data centers targeted for closure.

Submission + - How Steve Jobs acquired the mouse and GUI (

MrSeb writes: "If you're an inveterate geek, you almost certainly know the provenance of the window-based, graphical user interface: PARC labs, the research wing of Xerox, a company that tried dearly to break out of its photocopying and printing roots, but never quite succeeded. Xerox lacked the gumption to do anything with the GUI, and in the late '70s, sitting on an ever-growing treasure trove of new tech (Ethernet, bitmap graphics, GUI, WYSIWYG), it finally caved and decided to link up with Apple, a young up-start that was enjoying huge success with the Apple II. The hope was that Apple would be able to succeed with PARC's inventions where Xerox had not. Cue Steve Jobs taking a tour around PARC, who at the time was designing the Apple Lisa. He saw PARC's GUI and mouse, and the rest is history (though the Lisa nor the Macintosh were never a huge success). ExtremeTech has dug out a video of Larry Tesler, then a PARC scientist, talking about Jobs' fateful visit to Xerox's R&D wing."

Submission + - Gmail reveals the name of all users 2

ihatespam writes: "Have you ever wanted to know the name of Now you can! (its "smart ass" btw) The catch however is, that through a bug in Google calendars the names of all registered Gmail accounts are now readily available. All you need to find out the names of any gmail address is a Google calendar account your self. Depending on your view this ranges from a harmless "feature" to a rather serious privacy violation. According to some reports, spammers are already exploiting this "feature"/bug to send personalized spam messages."

Submission + - Toshiba Micro Nuclear Reactor for Apt Buildings

ardent99 writes: Toshiba has developed a new class of micro size Nuclear Reactors that is designed to power individual apartment buildings or city blocks. The new reactor, which is only 20 feet by 6 feet, could change everything for small remote communities, small businesses or even a group of neighbors who are fed up with the power companies and want more control over their energy needs.

The 200 kilowatt Toshiba designed reactor is engineered to be fail-safe and totally automatic and will not overheat. Unlike traditional nuclear reactors the new micro reactor uses no control rods to initiate the reaction. The new revolutionary technology uses reservoirs of liquid lithium-6, an isotope that is effective at absorbing neutrons. The Lithium-6 reservoirs are connected to a vertical tube that fits into the reactor core. The whole whole process is self sustaining and can last for up to 40 years, producing electricity for only 5 cents per kilowatt hour, about half the cost of grid energy.

Toshiba expects to install the first reactor in Japan in 2008 and to begin marketing the new system in Europe and America in 2009.

Submission + - new humanoid robot announced (

Davide writes: "Many of us think that all the humanoid robots are Japanese or Korean. Actually, there is a quite interesting human size robot that comes from UAE, REEM-A. It has some interesting skills as dynamic walking (of course), object recognition, voice recognition, self localization and mapping, long battery life and face recognition ("where have I seen you before?"). Recently, the development team announced that the second prototype, REEM-B, will be presented in February 2008. The second prototype got many improvements: a fingered hand with 12 motors, the ability to go up and down stairs, additional force sensors on the arms, ultrasonic range finders to avoid obstacles and a completely new look (but we must wait 2 more months to find out how REEM-B looks like)."

Submission + - Fatah Promises 'Hundreds of Rockets' in Further Is (

christ_the_conqueror writes: "( A wing of the Fatah organization, headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, stated Thursday that it has begun an escalation in attacks on Israeli towns in the Negev. The terrorist group already claimed it was behind a barrage of rockets from Gaza that struck Sderot and its environs earlier in the day."
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Journal Journal: Gmail Size 1

I just logged into my Gmail, and after being between 2.5 and 3 GBs for as long as I can remember, I saw that my account is up to ~4.6 GBs. Has anyone else seen this?

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