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Submission + - PostgreSQL getting parallel query 1

iamvego writes: A major feature PostgreSQL users have requested for some time now is to have the query planner "parallelize" a query. Now, thanks to Robert Haas and Amit Kapila, this has now materialized in the 9.6 branch. Robert Haas writes in his blog entry that so far it only supports splitting up a sequential scan between multiple workers, but should hopefully be extended to work with multiple partitions before the final release, and much more beside in future releases.

Comment Re:Self directed/managed teams are not new ... (Score 1) 327

this. There are a lot of people in the world who just want a paycheck, as opposed to trying to accomplish something and overcome a challenge. I work with mostly the later, and it's made all the difference. Sometimes it gets weird, but for the most part we enjoy tackling each goal set before us. Sometimes your the visionary, other times your the drone just pushing someone else's idea through.

Comment Re:"What's the matter with your eyes, boy?" (Score 1) 112

Although your comment made me laugh, sometimes it's not that far from the truth. Trying to drive a car after an hour plus run can be a little dangerous sometimes. You can be all sorts of buzzy and distracted for well over an hour after it. From dehydration to exhaustion, there are all sorts of reasons driving can be a bad idea.

Comment Well, that was insulting (Score 2) 616

Just because I can change my break pads, or replace the vacuum assist for them, doesn't make me a mechanic. I found that article to be insulting to programmers, men, and women. I can't believe I just read an article that said the only reason math and CS are linked is because they are full of men. Really?!?!

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