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Submission + - PostgreSQL 9.5 released

iamvego writes: Later than the typical release cadence, PostgreSQL 9.5 has finally been released, and brings with it a slew of new features including UPSERT functionality, row-level security, and some big data features (CUBE/ROLLUP, join pushdown for foreign data wrappers, TABLESAMPLE, BRIN indexing and more). The previous release had brought about some new JSON functions and operators, but they only queried the data; 9.5 comes with new operators which now allow modification of JSON values, so it no longer has to be manipulated outside of the database. PostgreSQL's wiki has a more detailed overview of the new features.

Submission + - PostgreSQL getting parallel query 1

iamvego writes: A major feature PostgreSQL users have requested for some time now is to have the query planner "parallelize" a query. Now, thanks to Robert Haas and Amit Kapila, this has now materialized in the 9.6 branch. Robert Haas writes in his blog entry that so far it only supports splitting up a sequential scan between multiple workers, but should hopefully be extended to work with multiple partitions before the final release, and much more beside in future releases.

Submission + - 'Something is deeply broken in OS X memory management' (

Theovon writes: Ever since Apple released Lion, countless users have been complaining about performance problems, even on top-of-the-line hardware. OSX point releases have been coming out, but this issue has remained completely unaddressed by Apple, as per their usual "it's not our fault" approach to their mistakes. Well, some researchers have been investigating this. Perhaps Apple will finally take notice. The original article is here, and the OSNews article is here.

A Week After Apple's Fix, Flashback Still Infects Half a Million Macs 161

Sparrowvsrevolution writes "Security firm Dr. Web released new statistics Friday showing that the process of eliminating Flashback from Macs is proceeding far slower than expected: On Friday the security firm, which first spotted the Mac botnet earlier this month, released new data showing that 610,000 active infected machines were counted Wednesday and 566,000 were counted Thursday. That's a slim decrease from the peak of 650,000 to 700,000 machines infected with the malware when Apple released its cleanup tool for the trojan late last week. Earlier in the week, Symantec reported that only 140,000 machines remained infected, but admitted Friday that an error in its measurement caused it to underestimate the remaining infections, and it now agrees with Dr. Web's much more pessimistic numbers."

Submission + - Tech experts rubbish UK gov't web snooping tactics (

sweetpea86 writes: The UK government's proposal to separate communications data from content, as part of new plans to allow intelligence services to monitor all internet activity, is infeasible according to a panel of technology experts.

Speaking at the 'Scrambling for Safety' conference in London, Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, said that the distinction between traffic data as being harmless and content as being sensitive is becoming less and less relevant.

“Now that people are living more and more of their lives online, the pattern of who you communicate with and in what order gives away pretty well everything,” he said. “This means that, in data protection terms, traffic data is now very often going to be specially sensitive data.”

Comment Re:vs Oracle? (Score 1) 148

Well it's always been able to do basic things like LIMIT, multi-row insert statements and correctly treats empty strings as not being null... which Oracle can't do for some dumb reason.


PostgreSQL 9.1 Released 148

With his first posted submission, sega_sai writes "The new version of open source database PostgreSQL was released. This version provides many important and interesting features such as synchronous replication, serializable snapshot isolation, support of per-column collations, K-nearest neighbor indexing, foreign data wrappers, support of SELinux permission controls and many others. The complete list of changes is available here"

Submission + - RIAA Threatens ICANN with lawsuit (

think_nix writes: A letter from Victoria Sheckler, Deputy General Counsel the RIAA to ICANN threatens to sue ICANN over the future implementation of the .music gTLD if certain "measures" are not met by ICANN in compliance with the RIAA. The letter states and points out such concerns as 'Community Objections', 'Lack of Transparency' , and 'Malicious Conduct' the reasons of concern from the RIAA.

As noted above, we are concerned that a music themed gTLD will be used to enable wide scale copyright and trademark infringment

Comment Sites sometimes limit passwords (Score 1) 277

It doesn't help that some sites restrict the character set and length of passwords.

Input 25 character password: "Error: password must be between 6-14 characters"

Input 8 character password with % and ] in: "Error: password can only contain alphanumeric characters"

__wHY&the&f**k]]can"t this l_i_n_e b3 m~y p45sw%rd?!__!?

Comment This is news? (Score 4, Funny) 182

So this makes it into the big news on Slashdot... an explanation as to why an iPhone with a different case colour has been delayed. Next on Slashdot... the iPhone's shocking new button that's now a rounded square instead of a circle! I need to take the week off work to recover from the shock.

PostgreSQL 9.0 Released 344

poet writes "Today the PostgreSQL Global Development Group released PostgreSQL 9.0. This release marks a major milestone in the PostgreSQL ecosystem, with added features such as streaming replication (including DDL), Hot Standby and other nifty items like DO. The release notes list all the new features, and the guide explains them in greater detail. You can download a copy now."

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