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Comment Re:Jobs... (Score 1) 141

Germany shows that it is not that bad, they have been heavily into automation for a while

Yes but Germany is part of the harmonised trade system of the EU, and it is just as open to Chinese imports as the United States.

Germany percent of workers involved in manufacturing has been going down of course.

Comment Re:of all countries... (Score 1) 141

China has an endless supply of people that will work for next to nothing. You'd think they would be the last ones to be looking into robots.

Labor force doesn't increase productivity, capital does.

Take 10,000 workers and they still could not make a single microprocessor without the capital equipment to grow silicon crystals, photolithography, wafer handling in clean rooms, etc.

Comment Re:The media hasn't really elucidated anything (Score 1) 231

The "coup" was most likely covertly triggered by Erdogan

While I thought this at first, It would have had to have been quite an engineering feat though without the truth getting out. I saw the coup-backing military shooting protesting civilians in Ankara live on Periscope. It looked pretty real to me. Erdogan would have had to convince a lot of military people that the coup was real.

The most interesting headline is Military crew sent to nab Erdogan told they were after a terrorist.

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 231

The NSDAP (Nazis) won the most seats in the Reichstag in the 1932 German federal election, but not a majority.

Adolph Hitler did run for Reichsprasident (President) in 1932 and lost to Paul von Hindenburg's re-election. Hitler received 36.8% of the vote in a 3-way race.

Hitler was appointed Reichskanzler (Chancellor) in 1933 by President Hindenburg. The chancellor and his cabinet were appointed and dismissed by the president during the Weimar Republic. No vote of confirmation was required in the Reichstag.

Comment Re:Slogan (Score 1) 326

The US had 1.8 million foreign-born health care workers (16% of all health care workers).

Among foreign-born workers employed in health care occupations in 2010, Asia was the leading region of birth (41 percent); followed by Latin America (not including the Caribbean) (18 percent); the Caribbean (17 percent); northern America (Canada and Bermuda), Europe, and Oceania (14 percent); and Africa (10 percent).

Comment Re:Result of brexit? (Score 2) 153

ARM is probably the last major tech company we have... I can't really think of any British ones left.

BAE Systems has 107,000 employees, and Rolls-Royce Holdings has 55,500 employees. Not fully tech but highly tech oriented.

Sky employs 22,800 folks, and keep in mind it is not just a satellite TV platform but also an ISP and OTT provider.

Comment Re:Brainless politicians (Score 2) 153

She doesn't have a maths degree, so it must be really difficult for her to understand all profits now will no longer boost UK GDP, but instead boost Japan's GDP

I don't think you have an economics degree.

If a multinational produces income in the UK, it is counted in UK GDP statistics regardless of country of ownership. If profits from that production is exported back to another country, those profits are subtracted from GNP, not GDP.

I don't know where ARM licenses are billed to, but they have operations all over the world, and "Management periodically evaluates individual positions taken in tax returns with respect to situations in which applicable tax regulation is subject to interpretation and establishes provisions where appropriate on the basis of amounts expected to be paid to the tax authorities" (i.e. they shop for the jurisdiction with the lowest corporate tax rate to recognize income where they can get away with it).

Moreover, "The benefit of UK research and development is recognized under the UK's Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) scheme" and "In 2013, a decision to elect into the UK patent box regime was made. The UK patent box regime seeks to tax all profits attributable to patented technology at a reduced rate of 10%." (source).

Comment Re:Beautiful by the numbers launch / deploy / land (Score 5, Interesting) 103

"I've got friends in FL who heard the sonic boom of the first stage reentering."

I watched some Periscope recordings from people watching the landing, and they all seemed to be shocked by the loudness of the sonic boom. Some thought the 1st stage booster exploded after landing (because it takes a while for the sound to reach them).

SpaceX claims "this is no worse than the sonic boom from the shuttle landing", but I don't know, I've heard the sonic boom from the shuttle landing at Edwards and it was like someone hitting a drum, not like an explosion.

NASA was lucky to land one shuttle per month, whereas SpaceX has dreams of launching/landing once per week.

Also the people near the Space Coast or Vandenberg might be able to deal with the sonic booms (as space is pretty much their whole industry), but if SpaceX moves launches/landings to Brownsville, Texas, I can imagine they will upset a lot of people in Harlingen, McAllen, and Corpus Christi not used to rocket launches or supersonic aircraft (not to mention our friends across the border in Reynosa).

Comment Re:Stock prices go up, money saved! (Score 1) 224

Unemployment statistics don't tell you everything. You can have 5% unemployment with 40% of the nation working jobs that pay so badly they can't hardly live off the salary and have to take extra jobs only to find that this still isn't enough.

US "Employed full time: Median usual weekly real earnings Wage and salary workers: 16 years and over" are at an all-time high.

Also US "Nonfarm Business Sector: Real Compensation Per Hour" is also at an all time high.

So in the US, unemployment rates are low by modern OECD and even historical US standards, and earnings are at all time highs. Even some of the poorest people in the US have access to the entire knowledge of the planet on Wikipedia on phones that are more powerful than supercomputers of 20 years ago.

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