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Comment Re:Free the rights? (Score 2) 159

Why? just create a "star-trek-like" open source universe. We'll call it "Cosmos Odyssey", featuring the Starship U.S.S. Constitution. The Captain "Richard Fabius Nelson" and his science officer "Spork" from the planet "Titan" lead a multi-species crew on a six year mission to explore strange new planets, seek out new civilizations, and to bravely go where no species has gone before.

Comment Re:Since discredited (Score 1) 237

This is /., we never editorialize our summaries.

A lot of manned-space advocates don't seem to understand that it's far better to send an expendable unmanned probe or robot now than it is to wait around decades or even centuries until we can send a manned mission. If we solely relied on manned space flight, we would never have had a close up look at the outer planets, at least within our life times.

Comment Re:REALLY BAD NEWS (Score 1) 441

For the past 70 years, one of the main advantages the US has had has been our pilots...better planes (Japan at the beginning, Germany at the end - jets vs props.) After World War II, the Russian MIGS were better planes, at least until the end of the cold war....

Japan had some of the best trained pilots at the beginning of the second world war. The problem was Japan's pilot training was too elite for its own good, flunking out over 90% of students. This cost them once their experienced cadre started suffering losses in combat and they had to replace them with hastily-trained recruits. The Japanese Zero was more maneuverable than the American Wildcat, but it could not take a lot of damage. The Zero might have had an advantage getting into a position to shoot, but the Wildcat had the advantage in being able to survive getting hit. On early jets, an experienced pilot in an Me-262 was unbeatable by any piston-engined fighter once he got up to speed and altitude. Germany had the same problem as Japan in that they started the war with very good pilots, but were unable to replace aircrew losses. The MiG-15 when flown by an experienced Russian pilot was an equal match for any Air Force pilot in an F-86. Most MiGs were being flown by poorly-trained Chinese or North Korean pilots.

Comment Most A/A kills result from not being seen (Score 4, Interesting) 441

Since the first world war, most air to air kills were scored against opponents that did not see their attacker. The preferred tactic was to come out of the sun or attack from a blind spot. The Red Baron stated, "I get real close, pull the trigger, and he blows up", or something to that effect. An AI- piloted airplane would have this same limitation, as it would only be aware of what its sensors tell it. If you jam its on board sensors and data-link capability, all that AI won't be worth anything. What this has to do with the F-35, I don't know? Unless it's just to flame an airplane that a lot of arm-chair experts don't like. There are lots of missions for a manned airplane, and "dogfighting" (or BFM) is a tactic and not not a mission.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

That is only reasonable if the desired result was the effect of at least 2 or 3 other countries to follow suit on bankruptcy and the entire EU to collapse along with jobs and businesses.

If that is the case, and it may very well be, then the Euro is not a sustainable currency.

Comment Different expectations (Score 1) 1592

I live in Germany, but am not a German citizen. I think the UK was interested in being in a free trade block of European nations with similar economies and cultural ideals. I think the political establishment on the continent believes that a "United States of Europe" is the only acceptable natural and desired end-state for Europe. Eventually these different expectations had to be addressed.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 4, Informative) 1592

The Greeks very predictably couldn't run their own country....What was the rest of the EU supposed to do? Just give them money endlessly with no consequences or responsibility to change their ways?

The reasonable alternative would have been to allow Greece to declare bankrupcy and allow those banks who invested in Greece to fail.

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 1) 771

What if you wanted to provide a headphone with a subwoofer specific channel or a true surround sound headset / speakers?

Don't laugh, but there used to be such a thing as Quadraphonic headphones. Each earbud had two speakers, one fore and one aft. The whole thing had two 1/8" RCA jacks to connect to your quadraphonic amp.

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