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Submission + - Space junk may have reached the tipping point (

bkmoore writes: A NASA report says that the amount of orbital debris and space junk may have reached its tipping point, making low earth orbit collisions with satellites and manned spacecraft more likely. BBC ran an article here.

The total amount of space debris has doubled in the last couple of years because of a Chinese test which destroyed a weather satellite in 2007 and a collision between two satellites in 2009. Space junk is posing an ever increasing risk to using low earth orbit. Does anyone here have any ideas of how to reduce the amount of space junk before we begin to loose GPS coverage, satellite communications, and manned space flight?


Submission + - First Thunderbolt Reviews (

bkmoore writes: Other World Computing has just completed some of their first tests Thunderbolt via target disk mode. Target disk mode basically lets you use a Mac as an external HDD. For the review, they tested a Macbook Pro with an internal 6G SSD in target disk mode connected to a 27" iMac with the official Apple-approved cable. Surprisingly, the benchmark speed was 74 MB/s reads and 49 MB/s writes which is only about 4-6% of the full throughput of the Thunderbolt interface and not much of an improvement over FireWire 800 speeds. This was just one quick test, so more will be needed to get to the bottom of this bottleneck.

Submission + - Stuxnet Jointly Developed by US and Israelel (

bkmoore writes: The computer worm Stuxnet was according to this NY Times article jointly developed by US and Israeli intelligence services in order to sapatoge Iran's nuclear weapons programs. According to the NY Times article, which appeared on Saturday, Siemens in Germany unknowingly participated in developing the worm by assisting in developing a program to protect its industrial systems from attack with the US Department of Energy. In doing so, Siemens provided the Department of Energy with information on internal vulnerabilities which could be exploited. According to the article, the worm was tested in Isreal, “To check out the worm, you have to know the machines,” said an American expert on nuclear intelligence. “The reason the worm has been effective is that the Israelis tried it out.”

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