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Comment Re:Garages? (Score 1) 11

Think about the power to weight ratio--with as little as a plastic vehicle with a passenger or two would weigh on Ceres, the ratio would be very high, especially after they found the ferromagnetics in the belt that could be magnetized a hundred times as strong as today's (that story, "The Pirate", is still in edit), replace the magnets in a 100 watt motor with them, and one watt will run that motor as well as 100 did the old.

They already had real moon buggies, they're still up there. They used wheels, but the moon is a LOT heavier than Ceres.

Imagine playing basketball on Ceres? I might add that to a story, there were microgravity sports in "Mars, Ho!".

Comment Re:Hard drive or software? (Score 1) 106

I don't back up daily, more like weekly, plus whenever I have a rash of new data. I keep the backup drive unplugged except when backing up, and never in s thunderstorm. Losing my non-backed up data would only hurt a little, it isn't like I'll lose a 10,000 customer database or anything.

Before I retired, backups were automatically done daily by software. I had to change the backup tapes weekly.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Santa Killed My Dog!

They say that Santa's coming,
He comes 'round every year.
He comes he'll meet a shotgun slug
'cause he ain't welcome here.

Five years ago this Christmas
The fatass came around
With jingle bells and ho ho hos
And looking like a clown.

He came in for a landing
As I let out a yawn
My house is pretty little
So he landed on the lawn.

Comment Keep the original media anyway (Score 1) 122

Historians of the future won't just be concerned about the content, but the media, the format, and how the media degades over time as well.

After all, just because we've got copies of the Magna Carta or something more mundane like a 15th-century grocery list in digital form doesn't mean we get rid of the originals.

Comment Re: Don't give him ideas (Score 1) 549

Those were all bad presidents. My grandmother, born in 1903, said Coolidge caused the depression but Hoover was a terrible president, too. Most historians consider Lincoln's predecessor, James Buchanan, .was history's worse.

I never thought I'd ever see a worse president than Carter, but GW proved me wrong.

Comment Re:Don't give him ideas (Score 4, Informative) 549

You can always kill the phone's sound before bed, and check messages when you get up. You kids just don't understand that answering your phone, whether talk, text, email, amber alert, or presidential alert is NOT MANDATORY. If you're driving, leave the damned thing in your pocket, whoever is attempting contact can wait until you get where you're going.

Stop being a slave to your phone!

If it looks like there may be tornadoes that night, you might want to let the presidential/amber alerts annoy you.

Previewing this, I laughed; this font makes "tornadoes" look like "tomadoes" (I've seen "tomatoes" misspelled like that before).

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 106

Do you work for Maxtor or something? I've had hard drives for decades, few have failed and the failures weren't brand specific, and all were old when they died.

Did you have it sitting next to a heater vent or something? Solid state electronics hate heat. I've had a 3TB Seagate for a couple of years now.

I do avoid Sony like the plague, because if you buy digital electronics from someone who deliberately vandalized your PC with malware that came on a Sony-BMG music CD your daughter bought in a record store, you're a fucking moron.

Comment Re:This is great! (Score 2) 106

Everyone has one and they are very useful. You should get one too.

Perhaps I'm a victim of Poe's Law, but that sentence is something I'd expect to hear from Trump; the second sentence directly contradicts the first. If everyone has one, nobody needs to get one.

STUPID STUPID STUPID, Annoyingly stupid. And possibly spam.

No, I do not have an Echo for the same reason I have no stores' "rewards cards"--I think being stalked by corporations is even creepier than being stalked by human beings,

There's no way in hell I'll buy a HD that automatically sends my data to someone else's systems. I have a 3TB extranal network drive to back up my computers, when they're full I'll buy another drive.

I don't trust anyone with my data, especially corporations.

Comment Have you "editors" graduated high school? (Score 1) 156

The aliteracy is annoying. "It's" is a contraction for "it is". "Its" is the posessive:
He's there
She's there
It's there
His car is broken
Her tire is flat.
Its OS is screwed up

Do none of you ever read books??? I expect this is comments, but NOT in a summary. If that mistake was in TFA, it is NOT a reputable publication.

Comment Re:Garages? (Score 1) 11

With hovercraft there are no tires needed and air pressure would still work, but it dawned on ma that a hovercraft wouldn't work in the near vacuum after the dome's leak. So I changed the story in the manuscript yesterday. He gets in his fan-powered car and it won't move, so he has to walk to the hospital.

Thank you for making me think of it.

Comment State-by-state porportional EV vote (Score 1) 457

Hmm, nothing in the Constitution prevents any given state from allocating their electors by party or by porportion.

Do I see this happening in any meaningful way in any decent-sized state? Not any time soon.

It wasn't quite as you described, but in 1960, Alabama's electors were voted on "individually." In effect, there was one race for every elector slot. Voters could and did split their votes between the "Kennedy electors" and the "Nixon electors." As a result, we can never know what the true popular vote really was in the 1960 Presidential election, we can only approximate by assigning "fractional votes" to those people who split their vote.

Comment Defining Vintage vs. Obsolete (Score 2) 142

New: New.

Current: Still being sold.

Supported: Supported by a vendor or reliable third party.

Old but useful: Hey, it runs and it's doing something productive.

Obsolete: No practical use except as a pile of parts, nobody else wants it, *may* have non-negative scrap value if there isn't anything hazardous in it

Vintage: There is a sucker out there who thinks it may become collectable someday.

Collectable: Apple I, single-digit-serial-numbered original Macintosh 128K, etc.

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