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Comment There is no "The Only Way" (Score 1) 410

But it should not be The Only Way to approach a program - unless you are Truly One with the Tao.

Unless you are a total newbie who has only been exposed ot one tool, or a hypothentical/mytical code-master-of-all-code-masters who is "Truly One with the Tao," then you know there is no "Only [one reasonable] Way" to approach a program/problem, at least not one of any reasonable complexity.

Comment Light-induced chemical and biological memory (Score 1) 104

Light-induced chemical memory: photographic films/papers, typically subject to fading but it can be "fixed" to last decades or longer.

Light-induced biological read-only memory, very short-term/fades fast if not refreshed: photoreceptors in the eyes

Light-induced biological read-only memory, fades after a few days or weeks if not refreshed: sunburn/tan-lines

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1, Insightful) 903

What fanatical point? In response to someone saying they weren't aware of Trump saying anything racist, I referred to a racist thing Trump said.

It's not moving the post, and it's not a red herring. I didn't say everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. I will say everyone who voted for Trump should have been aware of the racist things he said. It's not as if there was any lack of media coverage for Trump during the campaign.

Comment Americans say a lot of things. (Score 1) 113

So supposedly some survey says Americans support municipal broadband. And then those Americans go out and elect politicians who outlaw municipal broadband.

Surveys say Americans support a higher minimum wage. And then those Americans go out and elect politicians who will fight any minimum wage increase.

Surveys say Americans support the individual aspects of the Affordable Care Act (when asked about the actual policies and not just about "Obamacare"). And then those Americans go out and elect politicians who will repeal the ACA.

Surveys says Americans value clean air and water. And then those Americans go out and elect politicians who will defund and eventually destroy the EPA.

Either these surveys are full of shit, or Americans are.

I'm guess the truth lie somewhere in "all of the above" territory.

Comment I miss software that works. (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Any old 8 or 16-bit software from decades past, if we have any of that software around today, it still works. And all we'd need to run it was the appropriate hardware.

Software you buy today, might not work in 6 months. It almost certainly, like 99.99% certain, won't work in decades. And if it even works today as you buy it, it only works when it can connect to some authorizing server. So we have no idea, literally no idea what is required for current software to run. You have the software, the hardware, an internet connection, and some mysterious something out there on the other end of the wire.

So what do I miss? I miss software that works.

Comment Re:The 3 Laws (Score 1) 7

I should have it posted in a day or two. Both translations will be there (the Australian one is better, but still not good enough as it has a fax, which wouldn't be invented for decades).


GM Hooking 30,000 Robots To Internet To Keep Factories Humming ( 126

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: General Motors has connected about a quarter of its 30,000 factory robots to the internet, and the largest U.S. automaker already is reaping the benefits of less down time. In the last two years, GM has avoided 100 potential failures of vehicle-assembling robots by analyzing data they sent to external servers in the cloud, Mark Franks, director of global automation, said at a conference in Chicago on Monday. Connectivity is preventing assembly line interruptions and robot replacements that can take as long as eight hours. Internet monitoring allows GM to order parts when it detects they're wearing out instead of having to store them at the factory. That reduces inventory and saves money, Franks said. Hooking robots to the internet for preventive maintenance is just the start of a spurt of new robotics technology, Franks said. GM is using robots that can work safely alongside humans in the factory that produces the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, he said.

Comment Demand a "hardware reset switch" (Score 1) 49

Demand that devices come with a "hardware reset switch" that will reset the firmware and other settings to factory condition.

Yes, your data is still screwed if you get firmware ransomware that encrypts your storage, but at least you can get your device back.

I would allow for one exception: Devices like phones and laptops which may NEED to be remotely controlled or even "perma-bricked" if they are stolen or otherwise fall out of your physical control. This kind of theft-protection/deterrent is incompatible with the "factor reset" I'm proposing.

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