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Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score 2) 624

Adblocker blocker is surely a deal-breaker. That reminds me - don't you think public unwillingness to pay for news causes a lot of clickbaity-ness of the news ? If "causes" is a strong word - at least it is a factor in prevention of popularity of serious news.

A small minority paying for online news won't matter - print is going down, and online news doesn't have enough paying subscribers. Idiots are a good market - they will watch advertisements, buy the advertised goods, and they need nice clickbait articles to visit again.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 1) 598

That is right , but it was invented and was most effective when most ways of interacting intensively with people far away was physically traveling with one's body to the far away location. Now with
1. international businesses with telephone and video conferences
2. 24-hour work time + 24-hour personal time

, those advantages matter a bit less. The disadvantages - of having to know various timezones to be able to inform people are surfacing more than earlier.

This is not to say universal time solves all problems. But this much is true that once tele-commuting becomes even more common where one just stays at a pleasant place and conduct business across the world at one's own schedule - some advantages of the current system vanish and some disadvantages glare more.

For now, it is easy to have multiple clocks on your watch / computer / phone for people who actually deal with different time-zones, and rest of the world doesn't give a damn.

Comment Re:Seller versus platform (Score 2) 253

You might be right, but Amazon calls W-Deals a seller. That doesn't mean law will also call W-Deals a seller for this particular transaction.

It is crudely like Amazon calls your account number Prime, but a mathematician when provided with the number might find many prime factors of the account number and refuse to accept the account number as prime. A word has different meanings in different contexts, and especially for marketing many words are misused e.g. prime, privileged, Gold/Silver/Platinum, "Free", "Unlimited".

Comment Re:waah waah i oversold my product (Score 1) 270

Nobody thought? Why was someone watching a bad movie on an outdated media while "driving" then ?

Those who are in charge of communication for safety, are considered to have failed, when someone misunderstands. Professionals in safety critical fields don't hide behind pages of boring text - a fireman rescuing you from a burning building won't spell out the limitations and capabilities of the wall that is about to fall on your head, he'll order to get out of it or pull you out.

And statistical case doesn't have to be made to say it is unsafe. Burden of proof is Musk's.

Comment Re:Live by the media hype die by the media hype. (Score 1) 270

No, Google has done nothing of the sort. Any update to the software invalidates all testing done till then - period. If it depends on the server side, server side code/data change also invalidates the tests. Now count the valid tests from Google and it turns out to be insignificant at any given moment.

Also, any manufacturer's cars are not sufficient in numbers right now to present an enticing target to hackers. Google has proved nothing in this regard - the hackability of the cars or the lack thereof.

Comment Re:Your car is not your car (Score 1) 305

Taxes, most taxes, are not in exchange of anything in particular. Specifically property taxes - You owe the tax, whether you use the land/house or not, whether you are in the country at the time or not, whether the municipal area does any work or not.

Similarly income taxes are not in exchange of anything - not of letting you use your money, not of allowing you to work, they just are owed whether you like it or not. Because they have a bigger stick than you, because most people support it, because they can, I would even say because it is good for all people.

Justification of taxes is the development of the surrounding area, amenities the government provides etc. but that is not what a tax is in exchange of.

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