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Operating Systems

Submission + - The Google OS is Announced ( 2

popdookey writes: "It's true, it's real, and it's announced. Google will have an OS aimed at netbooks, and it will co-exist with Android. It will be fast booting, all applications will run over the web, and they will be supported through any standards-compliant web browser. The announcement is here,"

Submission + - Let's Meet a Romanian eBay Scammer

Aaron writes: This week Broadband Reports tracked down a Romanian eBay phish & scam ring, infiltrated all of their accounts, posted photos of the scammers, and began warning potential victims they were being conned. In the process they discovered one Russian kid who had lost his entire life's savings ($2,000) in a Nokia phone scam. To help the kid out they dug up the scammers' phone numbers and called, pretended to be the kid's uncle (and part of the Russian Mob), and scared the scammers into returning the funds, in full.

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