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Comment Re:So, lattitude? (Score 1) 89

This is part of the decomm process of Google+ I think, yes, it looks like they're spinning locations out of G+

They've made no secret about G+ being a failure, but there are a lot of communities that do use G+, a lot exclusively, so it's going to be interesting where they go and how they'll hold up.

Comment Re:Technology (Score 1) 213

If they're using TCP you can look at how long it takes to get an ACK from data send, basically a TCP ping. If it's outside of a certain range, it's probably on a VPN

Anything over 50ms? Flag. Multiple connections? Flag Multiple accounts, same IP address? Flag

The only way I can think of getting around this is to use your own host and use something like a VPN and TOFFEE.

Comment I'm not sure about this.... (Score 5, Insightful) 113

Like everything else, it's got it's good points and it's bad...

The whole point of (Or maybe this is just me) of dealing with someone's death, is the actual letting go part, recognising that they're gone and moving on.

Sure there are times when I miss my friends, and I think of them fondly, whether it's the way that they laughed, smiled, pulled pranks or whatever else, but I also recognise that they're gone. Having them there as a chat bot to talk to, for me, would just, I dunno, make me keep holding onto them... and I don't know if that's healthy...

Comment Re:Technical Controls (Score 1) 95

Come now.... Deep breaths little one, it'll be OK....

New standard, one of the revisions of LTE or 5G perhaps?

In a fault situation, what do you think happens?

With the overlap of cell towers, that cell would either automatically shut down for adjacent cells to pick up the load, or it would be shut down by the NOC.

The larger question is, how do you authenticate a tower? PKI? Does the SIM contain the cell network's root cert as well as it's cert from the HLR?

Home Location Register, in GSM terms, there's a cert in the SIM which is used to authenticate to network, the other half of the cert is stored by the HLR which does the authetntication

Does the running of a LIG (Legal Intercept Gateway) require you to give a copy of the network's root private key to law enforcement for them to fake cell sites? (At which point, the jig is up anyway)

Comment USB-C is a bad spec (Score 4, Insightful) 85

After Anker recalled their USB-C cables the other day, there was an article on The Register about it, the comments section had a great bunch of comments in it including: "it's a design error An electrical specification which allows multiple, software-controlled supply voltages, but does not require connected devices to tolerate the highest available voltage. What could possibly go wrong?" I can see a lot of fried TVs when people push 20A at 5V into their TVs because of a bad cable. Anyway, comments section worth a read:

Comment Re:Azure, Exchange SQL et al (Score 1) 400

This unfortunately doesn't come anywhere near the functionality of PowerShell..... Powershell can manage into Windows evironments and with the ecosystem of admins out there posting powershell cmdlets and, well just powershell commands on how to do stuff, there isn't as much out there for people to start python over powershell.

Comment Azure, Exchange SQL et al (Score 5, Interesting) 400

The reason for doing this I thought would have been obvious, but from the comments it doesn't seem so.

No Linux admin, who administers standard Linux bare metal or VMs is going to install this, not in a million years, they've got bash scripts with GNU utils, or they learnt Python or Perl or something else years and years ago, they've no use for PowerShell...

If however, you use Azure (MS *are* the second largest cloud computing provider), and you want to do web scale, Microsoft either needs to start giving out Perl and or Python modules, or they need to get PowerShell on Mac / Linux for people to be able to script their Azure / SQL / Exchange instances so that the admins and devs can integrate with Chef and everything else out there.

With the amount of work that's gone into Powershell for it to be an admins platform, it's *easier* to port Powershell to Linux than what it is to rebuild powershell for Python or Perl or whatever else.

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