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Comment Samsung company culture (Score 2) 251

I wonder what kind of culture exists with Samsung.
I bet that at some point one of these two tings have been brought up by engineers within the company:
  • - The Note 7 battery has too high a capacity for the space that it occupies. Or serious missgivings about some other technical aspect.
  • - The Note 7 battery testing has not been through enough or performed long enough to ensure 100% stability.

Why was this information not passed on? What manager didn't react to it?
This goes way beyond a simple hardware issue.

Comment Re: sure! (Score 1) 332

I'm not American but as I understand it your laws that let you have guns were drafted when there were indians, wild animals and other dangers that made then necessary. After some sort of incident that requires the use of bunkers, our civilization may go back to a state where guns are needed. What doesn't make sense is why you have all those guns NOW.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 491

If I were planning to run Linux on a computer, I probably would have done a few quick searches on driver support beforehand. And I wouldn't be buying it at Best Buy.

I don't really agree with you. I think that a customer should take it for granted that he could install any operating system once he has purchased the hardware. He shouldn't have to search the internet to find a list of computers that allow it vs the ones that don't.

Comment Re:He's been trying for months now (Score 1) 832

I'll give you the European standpoint on this: Yes, there is a lesser of two evils here. It's the one who doesn't start a third world war. Hillary will play her political games and get things done the way american politicians have always done. Trump, however, is likely to start a third world war with buffoonery about "carpet bombing" countries and racist remarks about groups of millions of people.

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