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VLC 2.0 'Twoflower' Released For Windows & Mac 299

Titus Andronicus writes "Years in the making, the major new release of VideoLAN's media player has better support for multicore processors, GPUs, and much, much more. From the announcement: 'Twoflower has a new rendering pipeline for video, with higher quality subtitles, and new video filters to enhance your videos. It supports many new devices and BluRay Discs (experimental). Completely reworked Mac and Web interfaces and improvements in the other interfaces make VLC easier than ever to use. Twoflower fixes several hundreds of bugs, in more than 7000 commits from 160 volunteers.'"
Data Storage

"Limited Edition" SSD Has Fastest Storage Speed 122

Vigile writes "The idea of having a 'Limited Edition' solid state drive might seem counter-intuitive, but regardless of the naming, the new OCZ Vertex LE is based on the new Sandforce SSD controller that promises significant increases in performance, along with improved ability to detect and correct errors in the data stored in flash. While the initial Sandforce drive was called the 'Vertex 2 Pro' and included a super-capacitor for data integrity, the Vertex LE drops that feature to improve cost efficiency. In PC Perspectives's performance tests, the drive was able to best the Intel X25-M line in file creation and copying duties, had minimal fragmentation or slow-down effects, and was very competitive in IOs per second as well. It seems that current SSD manufacturers are all targeting Intel and the new Sandforce controller is likely the first to be up to the challenge."

Adobe Download Manager Installing Software Without Consent 98

"Not all is worth cheering about as Adobe turns 20," writes reader adeelarshad82, who excerpts from a story at PC Magazine's Security Watch: "Researcher Aviv Raff has found a problem in ADM (Adobe Download Manager) and the method through which it is delivered from The net effect of the problem is that a user can be tricked into downloading and installing software using ADM without actual consent. Tonight Adobe acknowledged the report and said they were working on the issue with Raff and NOS Microsystems, the company that wrote ADM."

Comment Re:Bet it will sound better than the CD album (Score 3, Insightful) 82

That was the fault of the engineer on the album. I don't know why Rubin keeps going to him, but he keeps compressing the shit out of everything when they mix the albums. The mastering engineer publicly called them out on it after the album had been released. Quote from wikipedia: " MusicRadar and Rolling Stone attribute a quote to the album's mastering engineer Ted Jensen in which he claims that "mixes were already brick-walled before they arrived" for mastering[70][71] and cite a petition from fans to remix or remaster the album." Oftentimes today "mastering" today is simply over-compressing the hell out of the mix, but apparently, that was done ahead of time on this one.

Comment Sonic the Hedgehog is the 1st example I thought of (Score 4, Insightful) 152

to counter his point.

In the original Sonic the Hedgehog, if you stopped giving input, after a few seconds, sonic would stare out (presumably) at the player and begin tapping his foot impatiently. Direct address of the audience is, if I am not mistaken, the classic example of breaking the 4th wall.


Stonehenge As a Royal Family's Burial Site 124

mikesd81 sends in a report from Newsday about radiocarbon dating of cremated bones excavated from Britain's Stonehenge that, an archeologist said, has solved part of the ancient mystery surrounding the 5,000-year-old site: It was a burial ground for what may have been the country's first royal dynasty. No word on how this work relates to the "Neolithic Lourdes" theory we discussed earlier. "The new dates indicate burials began at least 500 years before the first massive stones were erected at the site and continued after it was completed... The pattern and relatively small number of the graves suggest all were members of a single family. The findings provide the first substantive evidence that a line of kings ruled at least a portion of southern England during this early period. They exerted enough power to mobilize manpower necessary to move the massive stones from as far as 150 miles away and [maintained] that power for at least five centuries, said archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson of the University of Sheffield, leader of current excavations at the site... His findings will also appear in the June issue of National Geographic and in the television special "Stonehenge Decoded," to be shown Sunday."

Submission + - Someone is stealing my domain - need realtime help

Daniel Boulet writes: "Executive summary: I am looking for someone associated with the domain registrar who can suspend my account until they open for business tomorrow morning.

The details: Someone has managed to (mostly) steal one of my domains — They appear to have done this by:
  • changing the contact address for my account at my domain registrar (
  • using the lost password mechanism to request a new password for my account
  • logging into my account and initiating a domain ownership transfer
I received the notification of the contact address change and immediately logged into my account before they changed the password. I changed the contact address back to the correct address. Shortly afterwards, I received the 'standard' e-mail asking me to approve the transfer. When I tried to reject the transfer, I discovered that the thieves had also managed to change the password to my account (I suspect that they did this using's lost password mechanism after they changed the contact address). The thieves seem to somehow managed to complete the transfer of my domain since whois now says that it is owned by a Copenhagen entity (it also says that it is owned by Boulet Fermat Associates which is me but I'm based in Canada). I spent the first few hours after this happened changing the contact address back and changing the DNS server configs for my domains back to what they were supposed to be — this was a cat and mouse game of sorts since the thieves were working to change them to their values and I was busy changing them back. At the present time it appears that the thieves have stopped trying to change my contact address or my DNS configurations but they could restart at any time.

The only reason that I am able to defend my other domains from being stolen is that I'm still logged into's website. I am making sure that I do something at least every few minutes so that the session does not timeout. If I loose the session then I can't log back in again since they changed the password after I logged in. I am not able to use the lost password mechanism to get the password back again since the site only allows the mechanism to be used once per day.

My plan is to keep monitoring the account until — located in France — opens for business tomorrow (around midnight MST tonight in the US/Canada). This should work as long as my session to the site does not timeout although life would be simpler if someone could put me in touch with someone at who could simply turn off my accounts until the dust settles (there are two of my accounts involved as near as I can tell).

One interesting bit is that they changed the contact address on my account to There's a blog article here describing a different domain theft that happened a few days ago and which used the same e-mail address."

Trent Reznor Says "Steal My Music" 637

THX-1138 writes "A few months ago, Trent Reznor (frontman of the band Nine Inch Nails), was in Australia doing an interview when he commented on the outrageous prices of CDs there. Apparently now his label, Universal Media Group is angry at him for having said that. During a concert last night, he told fans, '...Has anyone seen the price come down? Okay, well, you know what that means — STEAL IT. Steal away. Steal and steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealin'. Because one way or another these mother****ers will get it through their head that they're ripping people off and that's not right.'"

Submission + - 'Benny Hill' (and others) going off air in the USA

solitas writes: The Telegraph reports that the BBC, and BBC America, are pulling programs such as 'The Benny Hill Show', 'The Avengers', and 'The Prisoner' because "...We are now going to focus exclusively on bringing US audiences the very best in contemporary British programming ...It's what the BBC does best ...our job is to reflect contemporary Britain and all the cool shows coming out." — despite it being that all those shows (and others) are still in demand by Americans.

Feed Tumors Stopped From Spreading In Mice (

A research team reports that radiation and chemotherapy increase circulating levels of the growth factor TGF-beta, circulating cancer cells, and tumor metastases in a mouse model of metastatic breast cancer.

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